Saturdays at 20:30 on Moja Love (DStv channel 157)
Saturdays at 20:30 on Moja Love (DStv channel 157)

Binge Zodwa Wa Bantu: Uncensored as a Box Set

S2 of local reality series Zodwa Wa Bantu: Uncensored is available to stream as a Box Set from Saturday, 29 May and controversial dancer Zodwa is holding nothing back. Watch it all on DStv.

There isn’t a topic that’s too taboo, too scandalous, or too controversial for local dancer Zodwa Libram – popularly known by her stage name Zodwa Wa Bantu – to discuss in her reality show, Zodwa Wa Bantu: Uncensored. Zodwa doesn’t hold anything back. “It’s all in the reality show’s name, Uncensored, which describes who and what I am: Real,” says Zodwa. And with the season coming to an end on Saturday, 29 May, fans can testify to that realness. Read on as Zodwa takes us behind the scenes of making the show and her thoughts on why she is “for the people”.

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Binge Wabantu!

Missed Zodwa Wa Bantu: Uncensored, got lost along the way, or you were saving it for later? The great news is that it will soon be available as a Box Set. DStv’s Box Sets allow you to binge your favourite shows in your own time, hold viewing marathons, replay favourite scenes, and go back to check if she really said or did that thing.

If you can’t resist a local diva tell her truth, you can also look out for the Her Majesty: Busiswa S1 Box Set coming from Saturday, 12 June (on DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact). And the Moonchild Sanelly: Woza S1 Box Set is already loaded and ready to go, with all episodes available until Monday, 14 June.

Binge Zodwa Wa Bantu: Uncensored S2 from Saturday, 29 May to Saturday, 26 June (on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access)

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The spirit of giving back

Zodwa doesn’t shy away from diving into issues that ruffle feathers or spark conversation in S2 of Uncensored. She invites viewers to travel with her to consult her sangoma, she explores whether sex work is a viable career, and she even challenges the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. “I’d like to believe that S2 is unlike you’ve ever seen me before. I’m completely raw and open,” says Zodwa, adding that Uncensored is aimed at addressing social issues that black people face but which are rarely discussed in the public sphere.

“I’m always out and about, so I’m aware of the issues that black people face – and I’m also aware of the ways that they can be aided, which is by providing them with more knowledge. I am Zodwa Wa Bantu – which means for the people. I have come to realise that my fame and my reality show isn’t just about me. It’s more than cameras watching me living a lavish life. It’s about helping others. I’m interested in connecting with viewers,” explains Zodwa, who visits destitute communities in episode 9 to donate food parcels. “I love people, it’s a trait which I believe makes me relatable. I’d like my fans to see my struggles, victories, and every emotion in between. We’re all connected, and I’d like everyone to see the spirit of ubuntu and giving back.”

Sister & Mister

Zodwa isn’t afraid to discuss her love life either. In the S1 of Uncensored, Zodwa put her relationship with her then much-younger fiancé, Ntobeko Linda (28), in the spotlight. She went down on 1 knee and popped the question in May 2019. And while she revelled in her excitement to tie the knot, Zodwa called off the wedding 2 months after the proposal. She has long since moved on from the failed engagement and while she reveals that she has an “older” boyfriend, he won’t appear on screen.

“You won’t be seeing my current boyfriend in Uncensored this time around,” says 35-year-old Zodwa. “[My new boyfriend] doesn’t want to be involved in my famous life. I’m currently dating a businessman. He is quiet, to say the least. He doesn’t like public attention and I don’t post any pictures with him on social media either. We are building our relationship behind the scenes,” explains Zodwa.

But the relationship isn’t a secret, it’s just not in the papers or blogs as her previous romances were. “We aren’t hiding our romance – not at all. We go everywhere together such as the cinemas and shisanyamas. We hold hands and people see us together, walking in the mall, we just haven’t showcased our love on social media yet. However, the time will come when I show him off.”

In episode 11, an overwhelmed Zodwa sits down with her musician friend, Thandeka Mkhwanazi, aka DK Macassette, to discuss her current romantic relationship. “Being in a relationship is hard,” says Zodwa. “When I love, I give my all. With this [man], I think [I feel out of my depth] because he is old. I am used to dating Ben 10s who are happy because you give them money and you allow them to drive your cars. The older man is independent. I don’t understand why we can’t be [on the same page].”

Zodwa in her downtime

Zodwa is widely known for dancing half-naked in front of audiences in clubs and at musical festivals. But when she’s at home, she tells us that she’s usually in her pyjamas, and in bed. “Because I work so hard, I love my sleep. I don’t have a lot of friends. I’ve always been a loner and I’m known to be sheltered. My son, Vuyo (12), goes to boarding school and I make time for him separately. So, my off days are all about resting,” she reveals.

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Watch Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored S2, Saturdays at 20:30 on Moja Love (DStv channel 157) until 29 May.

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Binge Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored S2 from Saturday, 29 May to Saturday, 26 June (DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family and Access)

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