Binnelanders sneak peek: We’ve got all the spoilers for your favourite soapie addiction.

From amnesia to doctors battling syndicates at the border in a bid to secure life-saving medicine, and even the possibility of a tantalising new romance, we’ve got all the dirt on what’s coming up.

One of our favourite Afrikaans soapies, Binnelanders, is never short on drama, and the next two months will be no exception

For starters, it’s becoming clear that Okkie’s problems aren’t just about finances. To make Tonik a success, he’s going to have to swallow his pride. How is a middle-aged man supposed to tell his partner that he’s made bad decisions that will affect their retirement and their future? And how will it affect Naomi and Louis’ wedding? To make matters worse, Louis finds out about his soon-to-be father-in-law’s predicament. When he tries to make things better, he might end up making them worse.

Brian Els won’t be the only ghost from the past returning to haunt the hallways of the Binneland hospital. Ingrid Jordaan – one of the former Mrs Kosters – is back and she’s conspiring with Ross Marks. This time, she has her eye on Conrad Bester.

Then, there could be some romance in the air. Stefan de Vries has never truly gotten over René Spies and he tells her exactly how he feels when they meet again. Soon, René is back in the same predicament that led her to the altar – but is Stefan ready to forgive and forget?

Speaking of which, “forgetting” might just be the pivotal theme in August, when an accident leaves Stefan with no memory of René at all! The question is, who will help him to remember – René, or Chanel?

Meanwhile, the life of the sister of Annetjie Strauss, everyone’s favourite head if admin, is in peril. The specific medication she needs is running out and Annetjie has no idea where the next dosage will come from. Jax could have a solution, and she’s more than willing to go on a big adventure to find the medication for Annetjie.

Meanwhile, elsewhere at Binneland, Tertius Jonker will face a difficult time when his ex decides to leave South Africa with her new man and Nina. It leads Tertius to write a prescription... for himself. And when he finds himself across the border, he won’t be the only doctor in extreme danger.

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