Weekdays on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30
Weekdays on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30

Bold’s Hope & Liam wedding takes the cake in October

You are cordially invited behind the scenes at the wedding of the year as Hope and Liam say their vows on Bold on Friday, 9 October on Eva (DStv 141)

Hope and Liam (Annika Noelle and Scott Clifton) have reason to be nervous on their wedding day, airing Friday, 9 October on Eva (DStv 141). It’s their second attempt at getting married after Liam left Hope at the altar in 2012 (2013 in South Africa) when he had conflicting feelings for her and for the other love of his life, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). But ever since Steffy cheated on Liam with his dad, Bill (Don Diamont) in 2017 (2018 in South Africa), Hope has been the one who’s looked after Liam and helped him mend his broken heart. Will they work out this time around?

“Liam and Hope have been star-crossed lovers for many years. They feel they belong together, almost like 2 magnets. But there have been so many obstacles in their path: deceptions, betrayals and misunderstandings. Suddenly there are no more obstacles. The force that draws them together is uninhibited at last,” says Scott.

Uninvited guests

But the while the young couple have buried their past dramas, some members of the family just can’t mind their manners, wedding or not – they have to have drama! Hope’s mom, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), blows a gasket when she finds out that her daughter has invited their archrivals, Steffy and her mom, Taylor (Hunter Tylo), to the wedding. “In a way, this is Hope’s olive branch,” says Annika. “Hope wants to create peace between the two families. She grew up watching the strife between her mother and Taylor, and she does not want that to continue into another generation between her and Steffy.”

Brooke wants Hope to uninvite them, but Hope is standing her ground. “Well, this is Hope’s wedding and not Brooke’s. So even though Hope wants to make her mom comfortable, it is not Brooke’s decision to make. The daughters are trying to grow past their differences, and set an example for their mothers, hoping that they can leave the past behind.”

And Jacqueline is happy that Hope was considerate enough to invite Steffy and Taylor. “Steffy wants what’s best for Liam, especially because he will always be the father of her little girl, Kelly. They are linked together forever as co-parents. Now that she has experienced the powerful feeling of independence from Liam, she isn’t desperate to be in a romantic relationship anymore. She can watch him go with Hope with peace in her heart. On the other hand, part of her feels cheated because she knows she would probably be married to Liam had circumstances been different. It’s bittersweet.”

Let them eat cake

The wedding goes off without a hitch, but at the reception, tensions simmer between Brooke and Taylor as old feelings come rushing back. Taylor wants to make a speech, but Brooke senses it is going to cause trouble, and she pulls Taylor into the kitchen where Pam (Alley Mills) and Charlie (Dick Christie) are busy decorating the wedding cake.

Brooke ushers them out and asks Taylor what her problem is, to which Taylor replies, “This wedding is a mistake,” after which she pushes her fingers into the cake and throws a piece at Brooke. Not holding back, Brooke also breaks off a piece and throws it back at Taylor and a cake war erupts. It only stops when Steffy and Hope hear the commotion and find their mothers covered in confectionary. In a fitting punishment, Brooke and Hope are made to do the walk of shame in front of the other guests as they begrudgingly apologise.

Behind the scenes

Putting the wedding together wasn’t a piece of (thrown and smooshed) cake for the crew. it took some planning and designing.


Wedding cake

“The cake was filled with extra cake-filling in order for the cake fight to be wilder and more effective. We had extra bowls of whipped cream and frosting added to the kitchen set for Taylor and Brooke to fling at each other. The flowers were made of moulded hard sugar, and made by the West Hollywood Bakery named Cake & Art. The cake was constructed specifically to be torn apart in an epic cake fight,” says Charlotte Garnelle, Bold’s set decorator.

Wedding dress

Costume designer Glenda Maddox reveals, “Hope’s wedding dress is a very light blush lace corset top, with a full draped silk organza skirt. [In the story], the wedding gown was borrowed from her mother, Brooke, who wore it to her wedding to Ridge with the off-the-shoulder lace bolero that was originally designed with the three-piece wedding gown. The first time Hope wore the gown, she wore it like her mother with the lace bolero, however, Liam left her at the altar during that ceremony. Since this particular wedding was a quick one, Hope wore the same gown from her mother again. However, in order to change the look, we removed the lace bolero and added a rhinestone and pearl wedding belt from BHLDN wedding dresses. The Kasey fit and flare wedding gown is designed by Los Angeles-based designer Monique L’huillier, and is part of her Spring 2016 line. This very light blush three-piece wedding gown includes a strapless lace corset, a beautiful draped silk organza full skirt and a delicate of-the-shoulder lace bolero with elbow length sleeves and an illusion neckline.” The estimated value of the dress is $10,000 (about R171,382).


Liam’s pearl grey tuxedo is a single-breasted one button jacket with a contrasting black satin lapel and matching pearl grey pants, with a black satin trim on the outseam. This tuxedo was not designed but purchased from the designer Bonobos. It's made from 100% Italian wool. "The value of the tuxedo is about $1,200 (R20,604)," says Glenda.

The rings

Hope’s ring is a silver cushion-cut halo U-prong pave cubic zirconia engagement ring with a silver one-row pave wedding band. The value is $250 (about R4,291). Liam’s wedding band is a plain silver band. The value is $100 (about R1,716).

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