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There’s so much to learn and explore this week with DStv’s School of Laughter!

Captain Sabertoothand The Magical Diamond is based on the fun book about two young pirates who find themselves sailing to a distant island when their brother (Pierre) vanishes. Luckily, their adventure takes them on a new and interesting journey.

CN to the Rescue is an inspiring tale of brother-bondi, Taps has to help his “techno phobic” brother Bagga catch up with the rest of the world.

Go Jetters encourages youngsters to develop a lifelong love of learning through a multicultural curriculum. Venture to exotic places with your young learners. Xuliang, Kyan, Lars and Foz are experts at navigating the globe to learn about new countries.

Abby Hatcher is a quirky series that follows the story of a young girl, , who lives in a hotel with her mom and step-dad. One day, when she's out for a walk, she meets the Fuzzlies. The Fuzzlies are small little creatures that live in the hotel. Their problems are usually mundane and silly, but Abby is there to help them through it all.

For anyone who watched or remembers the original show, the return of Blue’s Clues is a fun and nostalgic way to experience some great memories.

Masha and the Bear is a cute story about a 7-year-old Russian girl who lives in the forest with her animals. The cartoon follows this ordinary girl`s adventures in life: at school, during vacations, as well as her cosy home life. Her imagination helps Masha to enjoy life`s little things and always find something positive around her.

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Captain Sabertooth and The Magic Diamond

The lost magic diamond is everything young pirate Captain Sabertooth has ever dreamt about. The magical, hypnotizing stone will let the bearer control and make gold out of thin air. Luck falls on the captain’s shoulders when he finds an old sailor who tells him about the ‘Rock of Life’ and that it is hidden on the ‘Island of Clocks’. But this island is not what it seems. It contains all sort of different beings, like a crazy king, a shape shifting queen and other diverse creatures all believing in different stories and myths about how to get to the Diamond. These rumours might lead to unintended consequences for both pirates…

Saturday, 16 January on M-Net (DStv 101) at 15:00

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CN to the Rescue

‘CN to the rescue’ is a funny story about two brothers. The elder brother (Taps) dreams of being famous one day, and his younger brother (Cashew) is an expert in Table Tennis. Taps wants his little brother to participate in the National Table Tennis Championships with him. However, Cashew is a nerd who doesn’t like sports and finds it difficult to adapt to his surroundings or do what his brother tells him. The story is about how they both work together to achieve their dream goals and make each other stronger.

Monday, 18 January on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 18:30

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New Episode Overload


Go Jetters S3

Go Jetters is a show about four young friends who learn about the different parts of the world with their teacher, mentor and friend - the great Ubercorn. Each episode follows them on an adventure as they travel through the city, country or region visiting new and exciting places, and introduces them to new people, animals and places to play. They learn about wild animals and how to protect our planet. As well as being involved in lots of fun adventures in each episode, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz try out new foods that are popular in that particular location. At the end of each episode they come together to sing a song to share their learning experience while showcasing some of the local dances.

Weekdays from Monday, 18 January on CBeebies (DStv 306) at 16:30

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Abby Hatcher S1

The Abby Hatcher series follows the life a seven year old girl named Abby Hatcher, the daughter of the manager of a worn out old hotel in the foothills. She goes by her full name Abigael Hatcher to try and sound more professional! She was not born as an ordinary girl, but a smart and energetic one. Her new friends include: Bozzly Bear - A helpful and friendly bear who is extremely curious and also loves adventures! Crumbs - A clumsy, tiny creature that loves food and doesn’t like strangers. Buddy Dog - A somewhat grumpy dog that takes his job as watchdog seriously.

Monday, 18 January on Nick Jr (DStv 307) at 10:55

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Blue’s Clues S5

For those unfamiliar with the show, Blue's Clues is a children's television series that originally aired from 1996 to 2006 on Nickelodeon. The show is about an animated blue puppy named Blue who left behind his "clues" for the human host and co-star Joe to solve. Pre-schoolers will love to watch this dynamic duo analyse Blue's clues to figure out what Blue wanted to do or where he wanted to go.

Monday, 18 January on NickTOONS (DStv 308) at 09:20

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Masha and the Bear: Masha’s Songs

Masha is a lovably mischievous little girl who lives with her parents (Papa - bear, Mama - pig) and has two friends - Dog and Goat. In the first episode, it is shown that all the animals in the forest are afraid of her, as she is constantly forcing them to play with her. Then Masha sees a butterfly and inadvertently follows it inside the home of the Bear, who has gone fishing. While playing there, she makes a big mess. When he returns, he sees the disaster caused by Masha. The Bear tries to get rid of Masha, but he is unsuccessful, and he and Masha become friends.

Weekdays from Monday, 18 January on Boomerang (DStv 302) at 13:30

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