Brand new year brand new shows

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Monday 14 January:

The Seventies S1 at 19:20 on HISTORY (186)

It was an era that brought us the iconic Star Wars and had us dancing to disco beats and listening to punk rock. See the events that shaped a decade that had a profound impact on America.

Tuesday 15 January:

The Last Pope (doccie) at 20:15 on HISTORY (186)

Nine hundred years ago, a Catholic saint named Malachy was struck with a prophetic series of visions that predicted the identity of each future Pope. Does his prophecy point to the end of the papacy or, worse, the apocalyptic end of days?

Wednesday 16 January:

Minki S1 at 20:00 on VIA (147)

The multi-talented Minki van der Westhuizen now has her very own talk show. Her realities, loves, likes, troubles and inspirations are the backbone of this new show.

Thursday 17 January:

The Royal World S1 at 21:30 on MTV (131)

Take an in-depth look at the exclusive, unfiltered lives of young royals and aristocrats from around the globe as their worlds collide in a British countryside mansion.

Monday 21 January:

Britain's Best Home Cook S1at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (174)

Ten cooks from across the country live in a shared house while they compete for the crown.

Tuesday 22 January:

FBI S1 at 21:00 on M-Net (101)

From Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf comes this new crime drama, which Rotten Tomatoes has called an “adrenaline-spiking spectacle”. It’s a cop drama with a twist. This gripping series will take you behind the boardroom politics of the bureau’s most talked about cases, their intelligence-gathering skills and the cutting-edge technology that makes them the well-oiled machine they are. They make the hard decisions no one else wants to and come face-to-face with criminals who have no regard for human life.

Cleaning Up S1 at 20:00 on ITV Choice (123)

Moving, funny and surprising, this drama is about a working-class mom caught between two contrasting worlds: the everyday grind of suburban life and the high-risk game of insider trading.

Gordon Ramsay's 24 hrs to Hell and Back S1 at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (174)

Gordon Ramsay drives to struggling restaurants across America in his state-of-the-art mobile kitchen and command centre, Hell on Wheels.

Tuesday 29 January:

Ed Stafford: Last man Out S1 at 20:00 on Discovery (121)

Survivalist and explorer Ed Stafford faces off against the planet’s top survival experts in a real-life race to escape from Asia’s most hostile environments. From the tangled wilds of Borneo’s crocodile-infested mangrove swamps to the deadly sandstorms and extreme dehydration of the Gobi Desert, these locations are as tough to survive as anywhere on Earth.

Wednesday 30 January:

The Real Housewives of Sydney S1 at 20:00 on Lifetime (131)

Follow seven charismatic ladies showcasing their extravagant, stylish and cosmopolitan lifestyles in the Harbour City. Between them, they juggle motherhood, travelling, their fast-paced social calendars and demanding careers.