Can the pets of the Bachelor get along better than their owners?

Luna Buckner’s back with a few thoughts on some of the comical characters associated with Season 2 of the Bachelor…and no we’re not talking about the ladies of the Bachelor mansion

As you probably already know, Luna, Marc Buckner’s faithful fur kid is excited at the prospect of finding a new Mom. Luna is magnanimous about the possibility of sharing her Dad’s affection and is even looking forward to gaining a sibling or two of the four-legged persuasion.

But what does Luna think of some of the candidates that might end up joining her family? She shared her thoughts with about what she thinks of some of her potential new siblings.

Paddington the Chihuahua – Jess C’s furry kid

From all accounts Paddington sounds like an affable fellow – adorably tiny with a heart the size of a Great Dane. I would love to be a big sister to this funny little guy and get on the receiving end of his loving nature. That being said, I do have some concerns. Paddington is apparently a bit of a guts, able to put away a large amount of food. I guess that’s OK – just as long as it’s not my dinner he’s putting away. To top it all off, he apparently snores like a freight train……are we expected to sleep in the same room? Someone please pass the ear plugs!

Djembe the Calico cat – Rikki’s furry kid

Djembe adopted Rikki five years ago and, being a rescue myself, I really admire her initiative and foresight in choosing a wonderful home. Djembe’s pretty adamant she’d still need quality time with her Mom even if Rikki becomes attached to Marc. This actually suits me down to the ground. In fact, sounds like it means more Luna-time with Dad. Good thinking Djembe! I could learn a lot from a sibling like you. Djembe is a princess though, I can tell. That might just mean she’s a little too used to getting her own way. Apparently she’s also not too keen on giving up her only child status. Not too worried though. I’m guessing she just needs lighten up with a little cat nip.


Zaya and Quinn the cats – Pasha’s furry kids

Two siblings in one package deal – sounds good to me! I reckon Quinn and I could have a lot in common. She loves bath time, I love water. And apparently, she goes crazy for McDonald’s – a quirk I could really get behind. Zaya sounds cool too and apparently loves to play the laser light game. I am always keen to join in on laser tag, I’ll go low, Zaya can go high, and we’ll make a great team. I have, however, heard some mention of Dad having to clean their litter trays. I’m all for keeping Marc well trained, but this just seems a bit like cruelty to humans. All I can say is they better not bring those porta potties anywhere near me!

Andeline’s foster furry kid

Now this pup sounds like a promising buddy, full of energy and ready for adventure. Best of all, it sounds like she would really be keen to have a sibling. I could definitely see myself as the responsible big sister. Though it does sound like I’d have my work cut out for me! The little ankle biter is apparently quite the chewer. I don’t mind sharing, but destruction of property is definitely not part of the deal! She also has the reputation of being a food hog. Really? Another one? I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say it, but Luna doesn’t share food.

I’ve heard the ladies of the Bachelor mansion sometimes fight like cats and dogs. Here’s hoping the pets of the Bachelor are better trained than their humans. All I have to say is, I hope Marc knows what he’s doing with those roses. I’m too young to need the Dog Whisperer!

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