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Celebrate World Creativity & Innovation Day

Robots, science, arts and nature meet as Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) explores World Creativity & Innovation Day on Wednesday, 21 April

The United Nations has designated Wednesday, 21 April as World Creativity & Innovation Day. It’s a celebration of artistic expression, problem solving, and the kind of forward thinking that’s needed to imagine how the world can be a better place for everyone who shares the planet. Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) on DStv’s School of Laughter (SOL) is showcasing how creativity and innovation combine on Wednesday, 21 April, with shows suitable for every age, but young teens and tweens will find it especially engaging. Here’s what you can expect…

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World Creativity & Innovation Day on Da Vinci

Da Vinci has so many shows that celebrate creativity on offer on Wednesday, 21 April.

Stopmotion animated series Marvelous Makes encourages young children to explore their creativity by making intriguing objects with a technological twist, as well as bringing their own innovative ideas to projects.

In each episode of Totally Rubbish, British hosts Michelle Ackerley and Nigel Clarke show kids how they can recycle and upcycle rubbish to make art, household items, and toys and to do fun tricks. They also virtually visit artists around the world for inspiration, and to introduce kids to new perspectives while teaching them a strong ecological message.

In Xploration DIY SCI, host Steve Spangler mixes education and humour as he shows kids how to conduct experiments at home using the things around them, and ties these lessons into real-world innovations. In Did You Know, series host Maddie Moate uses cameras and animation to explore the hidden world of how everyday things work. And you can read more about new series Xploration Nature Knows Best below.

Finally, a brand-new special on robots titled Hyper Evolution: Rise of The Robots closes off the day’s viewing.

Here’s everything you can watch:

16:30 Marvelous Makes (episode Leaf Masks) With an autumn leaf and some help from the studio characters, we’ll show you how to make a marvellous mask.

16:35 Marvelous Makes (episode Cardboard TV) Create this fantastic cardboard contraption to watch your very own movies.

16:40 Marvelous Makes (episode Beaky Biter) With an extending cardboard body, this make is a pecking pop-up device.

16:45  Marvelous Makes (episode Sponge Boat) Strap on your sea legs and prepare to set sail! We’ll show you how to make a sponge boat that really floats.

16:50 Marvellous Makes (episode Eggbox Bug) This time we’ll be making an Eggbox Bug! Design your very own imaginative insect.

16:55 Marvellous Makes (episode Crazy Cone Head) Wild wall hanging wonders! Get your imaginations fired up. In this episode we’ll be making a crazy cone head.

17:00 Totally Rubbish (episode A Carrot Pen and Marcel Duchamp) Michelle and Nigel get musical with some old tin cans and show how to make a charm for a bag, and a carrot pen to fool your friends. They check in with artist Marcel Duchamp and build a cool den on the beach.

17:30 Totally Rubbish (episode A Daft Disguise and Chris Ofili) Michelle and Nigel get arty with driftwood and show how to fool your friends with a daft disguise. Leftover balloons are used to create a smashing spider pinata. They check in with artist Chris Ofili and show how something yucky can be turned into a thing of beauty.

18:00 Xploration DIY SCI (episode DIY Toys) Steve Spangler shows how you can use science to make toys and a mystery can that moves on its own. He also creates some amazing bubbles.

18:30  Do You Know? (episode Car Brakes & Car Factory – new episodes of Did You Know? air every Saturday and Sunday on Da Vinci at 14:30) Maddie uses a microscope camera to see how car brakes work and learns that the brake pedal is connected to brake discs and pads that slow the car down. She also visits a factory to see how robots work with people to build cars out of large rolls of steel sheeting.

18:45  Do You Know? (episode Hand Wash and Vacuum) Maddie finds out how handwash is made and visits an appliance testing centre to find out how a vacuum cleaner works. She takes apart a vacuum cleaner to show us how air gets sucked up through the machine so the filter can collect all the dirt and dust.

19:00  Did You Know? (episode Gadgets to Revolutionise Your Daily Life) Drones are increasingly being used day to day. Household robots can change our lives dramatically, and we may be soon using a 3D printer to build a home.

19:30 Did You Know? (episode Revolutionary Innovations for Everyday Life) Technology is rapidly changing how things are done: from sports to building to doing household chores.

20:00 Xploration Nature Knows Best (episode Mastering the Mimicry) Biomimicry refers to inventors being influenced by nature. Join Danni Washington as she visits inspiring new biomimicry hubs such as schools, zoos, and the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

20:30 Hyper Evolution: Rise of the Robots In this thought-provoking 2-episode special, evolutionary biologist Dr. Ben Garrod and robot enthusiast and electronics engineer Prof. Danielle George explore the cutting edge of robot technology and debate the potential positive and negative effects that robots could have on our lives.

Watch on Wednesday, 21 April on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) between 16:30 and 22:30

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Science + Nature = Innovation


Xploration Nature Knows Best S1

Marine biologist Danni Washington hosts this STEM-based series that reveals how scientists are turning to nature for inspiration in tackling design challenges and creating cutting-edge technology. Find out how ant behaviour is helping engineers to design “living” buildings, how robotics engineers are using animal locomotion to guide their creations, and how even aeroplane and helicopter design has been influenced by dragonflies, flying squirrels and birds. See what woodpeckers can teach us about preventing concussion, and how fish can help us to design more efficient armour.

Watch Mondays-Fridays from Monday, 12 April on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) at 20:00

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Creativity & innovation every day on Da Vinci

Remember, your kids can explore creativity and innovation every day with Da Vinci’s regular programming, particularly with the following regularly scheduled series:

06:00 Art with Mati and Dada Animated characters Mati and Dada travel through time to meet exceptional artists and explore art history.

06:15 Mily Miss Questions In this animated series, 9-year-old Mily is trying to make sense of the world by exploring the answers to her life questions.

06:30 Siesta Z When Siesta falls asleep, she becomes the main character of the book she is reading in this fun introduction to classic Western literature.

07:00 PinCode In this animated series aimed at teaching STEM basics, Captain Pin and his colourful crew of penguins and other animals zoom through space, time, volume and dimension in their trusty spacecraft, encountering different problems that can be solved and explained by science.

08:00 Gastroblast This live-action series offers an exciting hybrid food and science show where kids explore scientific principles in action by preparing everyday foods along with demonstrations of easy-to-follow recipes, courtesy of host Link and his kitchen cupboard of friends.

08:15 The Treehouse Stories A group of friends played by real-life children meet in a secret treehouse in order to share their favourite books. In each episode we dive into a different story.

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