Celebs react to M‑Net’s Trackers blowing up Sunday night viewing

Just like the rest of South Africa, celebs attending the Trackers premiere were blown away and can’t wait for the rest of the drama to unfold.

From the jaw-dropping opening sequence and characters who seem oh so real to the double-crossing plot twist that no-one saw coming and the breathtaking action scenes, the first episode of M-Net’s Trackers had the whole country truly spellbound! We caught up with some of the lucky celebs who attended the show’s premiere last week, to hear what they had to say about South Africa’s new favourite series.

Claire Mawisa (TV and Radio Presenter)

“This is yet another reminder that South Africans can produce world-class content. This is a great story, shot at home, with all the local nuances included! It will validate you as a South African movie lover, and your heart will almost explode with pride!”

“My favourite character? Wow, that’s a tough one! Right now, I love Milla. She has started this series as a broken and disempowered woman, who needs to rebuild her life after being abused and controlled for 20 years. But in the first episode, it is made very clear that her new chapter will bring growth, validation and self-worth, through the work she’s doing. Hers is a multi-layered story, and one many women go through at some point in their lives.”

Elisha James (The Voice SA S3 Contestant)

I do not have a favourite character yet as I still have to watch the entire show to learn from the characters. However, if I had to choose, my favourite character would be Milla as her story hits somewhat close to home.”

“South Africans must watch this show because of the pride I had after watching the first episode. It was such great quality that it must be supported by every South African. So, if I haven't explained yet how impressed I was with the quality and the acting, I will say it again. It really showcases that America isn't the be-all and end-all.”

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Tessa Jubber (Actress)

“Why should South Africans watch Trackers? Because it’s [written] by Deon Meyer! The actors are on form. There are familiar performers, sharpened up and focused into these characters. Milla is definitely my favourite – you can just feel something formidable is brewing in her.”

Taryn Champion (The Bachelor S1 Contestant)

“The acting in Trackers is so realistic, and because of this, I was so drawn into the episode that I completely forgot my reality. After reading the book, I can see why each actor was chosen for their specific roles. Each character in the season mirrors the characters in the book perfectly. Thapelo Mokoena, who plays Quinn, is my favourite!”

“Each passing year I become more and more proud of the content South Africa blesses us with. South Africans should watch Trackers if they want to be blown away! Everything from the angles used, actors, dialogue, storyline, etc. reeks of pure quality!”

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