Cobus gets the shake-off in Survivor SA

The season of blindsides continues as the hapless Cobus realises that the Spit Shaker 7 are no more, making him the fifth jury member in Survivor SA.

There’s trouble brewing in paradise. This season of Survivor SA is setting itself up for a truly dramatic finish, with the evidently bitter jury members and over-confidant castaways preparing for one heck of a showdown.

For a brief moment, fans were hoping that Jacques and Cobus’ last-ditch attempt to flip the vote on Steffi might succeed, but the vote went the way the main alliance had planned. Steffi did however experience a moment of panic when her name was read twice, and when Jacques had the guts to keep his idol out of play. There’s still Mike and his strategy to “hang tight” till they reach seven castaways, before it will be open season on the senior management, but if Mmaba truly intends to be part of that shake-up, she’d better inform Mike about Nicole and Rob’s half idols, or his schemes could come to nothing.

While Cobus was the second loose change player that failed to make bank in last week’s episode, all eyes were on Jacques as he was pressurised by Steffi to “flash” his immunity idol. You know, that hidden secret immunity idol that makes him such a threat to the Amigos? As Danté has pointed out before, the point of the idol is that it remains hidden, to be used after the voting, by the castaway or anyone they feel needs protection from the tribe’s votes. And seeing that Jacques had been kept in the dark in most of the previous voting strategies, Steffi’s magnanimous assent that he’ll be included going forward, on the condition that he play his idol, was always going to sound hollow. Jacques bluffed like a pro and deserved a slow-clap as he dramatically buttoned up his shirt over his idol, sticking to his guns, as well as sticking it to the Amigos.

M-Net’s sneak peek at the next episode shows an embarrassed and clearly incensed Steffi taking her anger out on Jacques, and we can’t wait to see how the tribe deals with the drama.

Cobus is a bit bummed but happy to join "the cool kids" on the jury

We caught up with Cobus after episode 13 aired to get his thoughts since that night and find out a bit more about his Survivor experience.

Has watching the show given you some insight into the decisions behind your exit from the game?

One of my biggest surprises was Rob’s initial idea of the Spit Shaker 7 – he said it’s a bad idea and he’s going to shut it down the first moment he gets. Then he’s the first person after merge to start adding people to this “Seven” alliance, which (apparently) was not his idea. I’m surprised how close he and Mike became. I never really knew that much. As for why I got voted out, I turned to Danté and asked, “Why did you start throwing my name out?” I don’t think I would have been the decoy for (that night’s) vote if it wasn’t for Danté.

Any regrets on how you left the game?

I’m proud of myself for leaving the game without saying one bad thing about someone. I haven’t been giving anyone k*k, or been in anyone’s way. I do feel that I never threatened anyone. Yes, I was going to be a threat at the end, don’t keep me till the end, but I’m not worth being taken out of the game at number 9! Jeez, there’s another four that can go before I needed to go.

Have you been Googling yourself or following social media to see what people are saying about you online?

I never entered Survivor to be on TV, I entered Survivor to play the game. I’ve done it and lived my best life. I didn’t go there to be noticed (back home), it wasn’t a sort of audition to be South Africa’s next top model-slash-presenter or anything like that. I went there for myself as a selfish act, and whatever I learned, I need to implement in my life.

Did you find it easy to immerse yourself in the game, or was it difficult? Did you miss your family as much you thought you would?

I went into the game with the attitude of “Stay In Moment” – I reminded myself to always “S.I.M.” Even when I was freezing my butt off, I would tell myself to appreciate this moment. And also afterwards at Ponderosa (the jury’s accommodation while the show continues), the switch for me was quite easy.

Cobus knows who'll get his vote in the Survivor finale

What entertainment did you miss most while out on the island?

I came to a point where I was like “oh my word!” when I could listen to all the new music that had come out. I am a commercial music type of person – if I can sing along I’m happy.

Is there anyone amongst the castaways that you are definitely planning on re-connecting with after the show?

I would love for us all to get through the reunion so that I can continue with bonds that I created while on the island as well as on Ponderosa. There’s no specific person that I would say I would never want to speak to again in my life. I’ve also not met a person who I would say would necessarily replace someone in my life, but I met some really amazing people. It’s not even just the castaways, but being part of this family, this entire crew – it’s an amazing family to be part of.