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Anti-Gang Unit

In the deadly, high-stakes turf war over who controls the criminal underworld, the Cape Flats is a no-go zone. Last year, crime stats showed that of 973 gang-related murders countrywide, 808 were in the Western Cape and only 87 in the Eastern Cape, at second place. Now police have established a new anti-gang unit to combat the violence and hunt down dangerous gangsters.   Carte Blanche spends a night on the beat with the unit as it fights to win back some ground in a war that gangs seem to be winning.

Producer: Michael Duffet
Presenter: Derek Watts

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Vumacam – Big Brother or Guardian Angel?

Amid spiking crime rates, tech platform Vumacam’s installation of CCTV cameras across Johannesburg – with a view to extending coverage nationwide – has encountered mixed reaction about the ethics involved. Symptomatic of the need for greater safety, the Carte Blanche presenter and crew were held at gunpoint and robbed while filming this insert. So while Vumacam raises the spectre of Big Brother looming, we ask how willing South Africans may be to trade privacy for the promise of 24/7 surveillance.

Producer: Sophia Phirippides
Presenter: Masa Kekana


Hearts at Risk - Eastern Cape Cardiology Crisis

For heart patients in the Eastern Cape who rely on government hospitals, treatment has ground to a standstill after the province’s only catheterisation laboratory broke down in October last year. Unable to perform visual diagnostic imaging and treat abnormalities in the cath lab, more than 40 paediatric patients diagnosed with congenital heart disease have been turned away from state facilities that have nowhere to refer them. As patients face agonising waiting lists, Carte Blanche investigates the unfolding cardiology crisis in the province.

Producer: Tarryn Crossman 
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender 


3D Printed Middle Ear Transplant

From middle ear problems caused by congenital birth defects, to infection, trauma or metabolic diseases – hearing loss can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life. Now, in a world first, South African Professor Mashudu Tshifularo from the University of Pretoria and a team of 3D printing and design specialists, have pioneered the first artificial middle ear transplant prosthesis.  Carte Blanche heads into theatre to witness this remarkable medical procedure.

Producer: Mart-Marie Faure 
Presenter: Derek Watts

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