Deep State 2 is coming in May. Are you ready?

Deep State is a political drama series which follows a former spy who gets drawn into a covert intelligence war and global conspiracy to profit from the spread of chaos in the Middle East.

This series has since gained a lot of traction and a cult following. We got the opportunity to meet the actors and producers during a set visit in Cape Town on the 24th and 25th of October this year.

The DStv team got to visit 3 sets where they were actively shooting scenes and episodes based in South Africa . On the 24th of October, the 40th day of shooting in Cape Town we arrived at a very ominous looking building in a busy suburb in Claremont Cape Town, South Africa. We walked up through the building into a really tiny hallway where the crew has taken over and set up their gear. In the distance all we could hear were the commands of the producers like “cut” and “action!”. We sat in a room across from the active set and watched on screen as they were busy shooting episode 2, starring Walter Goggins, multi-award nominee and winner, who most recently enjoyed award success for his role in The Hateful Eight. Walton Goggins is an absolute pro! It is incredible to see how he switches between his own personality and his very serious character, Nathan Miller, between takes. Although we could only witness what was being shot on the day, just by witnessing this intense scene we are excited and can assure you that this is a series to be excited for and about!

The sets were impeccably constructed, every inch of every set we visited during this top-secret Deep State expedition were styled and detailed. We left Claremont and went to an area called Landbank where we entered Rhodes House, this is where they built the interior of Sullivan’s (Victoria Hamilton) Office. ‘Her office’ is completely constructed using minimal props but looks unbelievably realistic. The set designers built everything from the ground up. It was so beautifully made you’d swear it was real.

After witnessing how much effort, talent and time was put into creating this powerful series. DStv is more than excited to be airing this brilliant show on FOX, Channel 125 on the 8th of May.