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Dineo’s proposal dilemma

Dineo has a difficult decision to make this week in M-Net's flashy, fancy telenovela, Legacy.

Dineo Price’s life has been nothing but drama since her businessman husband, Sebastian Price (Deon Lotz), was killed in episode 1 of M-Net (DStv channel 101) telenovela Legacy. But Kgomotso Christopher’s character is facing a personal crisis right now after her no-strings-attached lover and colleague, Msizi Zulu (Siyabonga Thwala), grew feelings and proposed, offering to make Dineo his second wife. “Dineo is not weak, and one of the rules of this (arrangement) was that it was just physical, no feelings,” says Kgomotso. But Msizi’s feelings are spreading and it seems that Dineo’s heart could be open to the offer…

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Sister-ish support

The best thing for Dineo would be to talk about her situation – and she finds an unlikely ally in her step-daughter, Liz (Reandi Grey). Chatting over drinks at the Price Mansion, Liz tells Dineo that she has experienced polygamy during her travels for humanitarian work for Legacy Investments. “I don’t think that you’re an idiot and I don’t think that you’re a homewrecker,” says Liz, whose dad Sebastian broke up with her mom, Angelique (SAFTA winner Michelle Botes) for Dineo. “I can see the appeal of polygamy. If the choice is between sharing a good man, and having a bad one all to yourself, I guess it’s a no-brainer.”

That catches Dineo off-guard and you can see the immediate change in her demeanour. Does that mean she’s considering Msizi’s offer even though he’s married? Well his first wife, Thandi (Lerato Zah), has made her feelings known and it’s clear that the ball really is in Dineo’s court.

Push & pull

Dineo is nobody’s fool, and she hasn’t readily accepted the proposal – even though she’s been given approval by Thandi – for a very good reason. “Dineo is a strong-willed woman, a woman with principles and drive. She isn’t just going to happily play second fiddle,” says Kgomotso.

She meets Msizi at a bar for drinks and immediately tells him that “there is a lot to talk about. Like what are your expectations? Do I have to leave my job, do I have to…” Msizi cuts Dineo off and reminds her why he’s fallen in love with her, saying, “I want you. I want this. How you are right now. I don’t want to marry some version of you that’s trying to impress me. I want you as you are.”

The situation is giving Dineo sleepless nights. She feels she is viewed in a certain way, and her personal life, despite being her private life, affects business. “The Prices are not celebrities. We are not about Twitter and instant gratification. What is important is how our business partners and the business industry views us,” explains Dineo, hinting that her heart might come second in her decision-making process.

What the heart wants

But there’s another thing holding Dineo back from accepting Msizi’s ring and it comes out during a “family meeting” arranged by Dineo’s youngest step-daughter, Lexi (Jay Anstey): Dineo is still mourning Sebastian.

After getting up abruptly from the dining table and fleeing inside her home after a joke about Msizi taking a third wife, Dineo opens up to Msizi, possibly for the first time and shows her true vulnerability. “It’s not about you taking a third wife. I am worried about taking a second husband,” says Dineo. “Sebastian is still so present in my life. I’m not ready to leave Sebastian. I am not ready to be in your marriage. I am not ready to commit to you because the truth is that I’m already committed.”

The shock is clear on Msizi’s face. He reminds Dineo of 2 important things with a calm, reassuring voice: He loves her, and if she turns down his proposal, Thandi will never let them have a second chance at love…

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