Disney brings the girl power

Disney Jr (DStv channel 309) and the Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) have something special for girls of all ages this May, from clever detective work to imaginative fun, to navigating a new year at school

Disney Junior (DStv channel 309) and the Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) are going all out for girls this May with series that celebrate girls’ wild imaginations, their intelligence, their social skills, and sense of fun.

There are new episodes of Fancy Nancy Clancy, which encourages little girls to embrace her interests and tastes instead of those preferences being dismissed; Lifelong female friendship is celebrated in the series Raven’s Home; Mira Royal Detective follows the adventures of a girl who specialises in following clues and testing her conclusions, while the series showcases her Indian culture; And in Bluey, a little family of dogs encourage play and social learning, with kind, involved parents who love and support one another.

In all of these series, the girl characters are front and centre, instead of being a little pink afterthought that gets elbowed out of the action. So, if the kids are asking for something new to watch, settle in together and pick a Disney show for them this May…

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Fancy Nancy Clancy S3

Computer animated series Fancy Nancy Clancy is based on the books of the same name by Jane O'Connor, and centre on 7-year-old Nancy, who loves everything to be fancy, and tries to rope her friends and family into her posh adventures. Coming up this month, Nancy uses a tea party to help Grandpa and Mrs. Devine to mind their manners and get along like civilised folk. In a situation that a lot of kids will find heartbreakingly relatable, Nancy can’t understand why her BFF, Bree, wants to take a holiday from her, and when Nancy goes to a sleepover at Bree’s house, she finds out that Bree’s family has different house rules to her own. Nancy learns that “no” is sometimes an absolute no when she begs to get her ears pierced. The little sister issues between Nancy and little Jojo come into the spotlight when Nancy suddenly starts acting helpless so she can get some of the attention that Jojo’s getting, Jojo goes through a copycat phase and seeing Jojo play with her new talking doll has Nancy asking herself whether her own doll Mirabelle is even a real person. Also coming up this season, when Nancy starts a dog walking business, she finds out that not all dogs are as polite and well trained as her dog Frenchy. And Nancy learns about autism when she meets Lionel’s cousin, Sean (the first autistic animated character created by Disney).

Girl power: Nancy is creative, imaginative and fun to be around, and every day she learns new lessons that will help young girls aged 2-5 to come to grips with navigating their social worlds.

Watch daily from Monday, 3 May on Disney Junior (DStv channel 309) at 19:00

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Mira Royal Detective S1

Clever young Mira and her mongoose friends, Mikku and Chikku, solve crimes in their city of Jalpur, by request from Queen Shanti. In the brand-new episodes coming up this month, Mira and her stylish cousin, Priya, must go undercover as princesses to find the missing royal gem of Jalpur. Mikku and Chikku become Mira’s latest clients when their tiny musical instruments go missing, and Mira also needs to help her friends when the bangles that they’ve all made for the upcoming Rakhi holiday vanish. Is there any truth to the legend that a mysterious creature loves to steal shows? Hundreds of children would say yes! And in a Diwali-themed mystery, Mira must find out what has happened to the oil that’s supposed to be used to light the lamps all over town for the festival. Finally this month, a mysterious girl arrives in Jalpur, sparking Mira’s curiosity, and Mira is on the case when Aunt Pushpa’s purse and valuables go missing.

Girl power: Mira is the first-ever girl to hold the title of Royal Detective. She uses her book smarts, her social skills and her wits to follow clues and solve mysteries. Mira’s kindness and cleverness are both celebrated in the series, which embraces Indian culture and music.

Watch daily from Monday, 10 May on Disney Junior (DStv channel 309) at 14:30

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Bluey S2

Australian kids’ animated series Bluey centres on a family of Blue Heeler dogs including 6-year-old Bluey, her 4-year-old sister, Bingo, the mom, Chilli, and their dad, Bandit. Every day, Bluey plays imaginative games, sings and has fun. From bath time to bed time, Bluey is on the go, racing about, playing make believe and pulling everyone into her games. Just look at what will happen in all this month’s episodes:

  • Bandit gets a crash course in some of the difficulties of pregnancy when Bingo finds her old baby sling and Bluey makes Bandit pretend to be pregnant while carrying Bingo around in the sling.
  • Bluey goes to a play-play Mum School where she must care for a group of balloons. Bingo finds out how someone being difficult and thoughtless can disrupt everyone’s day.
  • In a Mother’s Day episode, Bingo is down on herself after she not only drops the breakfast that she and Bluey helped to prepare for Chilli, she messes up their special show, too.
  • Bandit must figure out how to get the girls to stop playing his least favourite game, Tickle Crabs.
  • The girls are outraged when Bandit and Chilli make arrangements to enjoy some special time alone.
  • Dressed up as grannies, Bluey and Bandit play matchmaker for bus driver Bandit and passenger Chilli, who has a crush on him.
  • Bluey and Bandit both want to be the queen’s butler, but who will be queen?
  • And while their mom and dad struggle to assemble furniture, Bluey and Bingo play imaginative games with the boxes it came in.

Girl power: Bluey’s family lets her be full-on little-kid weird and she’s never told “girls don’t do that”. Her mom and dad share childcare and household tasks fairly and both love and play with Bluey and her sister, even if they’re sometimes tired or bored.

Watch daily from Monday, 24 May on Disney Junior (DStv channel 309) at 17:30

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Raven's Home S4

Raven Baxter, divorced mom of teen twins Booker and Nia, shares a house with her childhood best friend, Chelsea, and Chelsea’s son, Levi. Booker, Nia and their best friend, Tess, are setting off for high school for the first time, leaving Levi behind in middle school. Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea have their hands full running Your Best-Dressed Life, their growing life coaching and fashion business. This season, someone uses Nia’s photo as their own social media avatar, the kids want to plan a surprise for Raven’s birthday (good luck keeping secrets around Raven), and Booker and Nia try to land work as assistants to raise cash for their fun summer plans.

“They’re in high school now, and this season will definitely reflect that. We’ll see their journeys in that world, along with what’s happening in the real world. We’re going to keep dealing with social issues, social media and things of that nature, to really reflect the world that they live in now,” says Raven-Symoné (who plays Raven).

Girl power: What could be more fun than living with your lifelong bestie and even running your own company together – like Raven and Chelsea?

PS: Look out for Max Torina (Andres in Upside Down Magic) playing Ramon in episode 2, which has a Halloween theme.

Watch from Monday, 10 May on Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) at 17:00 

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