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This week you can discover Alaskan adventures and the discovery of electricity. Now on DStv

Excitement awaits for you this week on DStv

Meat: A Threat to Our Planet

Liz Bonin explores the effects of raising cattle for consumption on the environment. She looks at the impact of farming to meet the growing demands for meat and innovative companies working on meatless alternatives.

Tuesday 7 July on BBC Earth (DStv 184) at 19:00

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A mini-series looking at the transformation of a young soldier loyal to the British throne who initiates colony liberation. He eventually becomes the first President of the United States.

Monday 5 July on History (DStv 186) at 20:15

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Yvonne Orij: Mama I made it

A one hour comedy special from the ‘Insecure’ actress who chronicles her upbringing as Nigerian-American and includes clips of her returning to visit family and friends in Lagos.

Tuesday 6 July on Showmax

Southern Gothic

Set in a Memphis, Tennessee town where the relationship between the community and the police is on rocky ground. The situation surrounding the death of a loving mother could threaten to bring more trouble.

Thursday 9 July on Investigation Discovery (DStv 171) at 21:50

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Alaska Extreme Season 1

With dangerous high peaks and bone-chilling temperatures, Alaska is no stranger to extremes. Get ready for amazing views from helicopters, husky training hot spots, glaciers.

Saturday 4 July on Curiosity Stream (DStv 185) at 19:00

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Story of Electricity Season 1

Modern life depends on it. But up until recently, electricity was seen as an untamed magical power. Follow the story of how humanity has been able to master this natural mysterious resource.

Tuesday 6 July on Curiosity Stream (DStv 185) at 21:00

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