Drama, reality and comedy top this week’s local picks

Two new reality shows debut on kykNET this week while Moja Love premieres a documentary that investigates the NSFAS funding shortfall. It’s all coming up in this week’s local line-up on DStv.

From Hermanus to Parys, there’s no shortage of lekker local entertainment this week.

kykNET (DStv channel 144) debuts Op My Eish! with South African heartthrob Neels van Jaarsveld. Tune in as he searches for love in this new reality show.

In the mood for some competition? Die Groenste Vingers takes gardening to new heights by pitting avid florists, gardeners and all-out flower enthusiasts against each other to win the title of Die Groenste Vinger on kykNET. Then, Poena gets up to no good when COVID-19 forces him to move in with Grandpa Poen – to hilarious results!

For reality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Eendag on VIA (DStv channel 147) gives couples a chance at their dream wedding. The catch? They’ve got to plan it in just one day!

From flights of fancy to real-world drama, tune into Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) for Lokshin Bioscop: Bo Mma, a township film about the relationship struggles of a young man and his mother when he gets a girlfriend. In documentary Asinamali No School on Moja Love (DStv channel 157), the NSFAS funding shortfall is spotlighted along with the struggles of the students who have been affected.

There’s even more great local drama waiting for you – only on DStv.

Op My Eish!

Neels van Jaarsveld, South African actor and local heartthrob, is searching for love in this brand-new reality series. Set in the coastal town of Hermanus, the show will have a similar concept to The Bachelor, with each episode consisting of Neels meeting and getting to know a beautiful woman. Along for the ride is Neels’ wingman Henré Pretorius.

Thursday, 22 April on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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Asinamali No School (Documentary)

The pandemic has brought about many changes and struggles for everyone, including thousands of university students. With NSFAS experiencing a funding shortfall for the 2021 academic year, what does this mean for struggling students reliant on these funds? This special will take a look into an unpredictable future for South African students.

Sunday, 18 April on Moja Love (DStv channel 157) at 22:00

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Die Groenste Vingers

For those with green fingers, look no further than this reality show. Set up as a competition, gardeners, florists and passionate flower-enthusiasts compete for the title of Die Groenste Vinger. Each week, the participants will take on different challenges with a panel of judges deciding who has wilted and who still has room to bloom.

Thursday, 22 April on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 21:00

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Eendag S1

While most couples dream and plan their perfect wedding day over a few months or even years, lucky couples of this show have just one day! For whatever reason, a lucky couple is given one day to plan their dream wedding – from the venue, caterers and flowers to the cake and dress – all provided by the producers. Will everything go off without a hitch?

Wednesday, 21 April on VIA (DStv channel 147) at 20:00

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Lokshin Bioskop: Bo Mma (Drama)

Made on low budgets, these local films showcase the talents hidden in South Africa’s townships. Bo Mma tells the story of 29-year-old Hlogi who is dependent on his mother, Cynthia. When Hlogi gets a girlfriend, problems occur between him and Cynthia.

Saturday, 17 April on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

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Poena (Comedy)

In this made-for-TV movie, the COVID-19 pandemic has left many unemployed, including Poena, who calls on Grandpa Poen for help. Despite his promises to get back on his feet as soon as possible, Poena abuses his grandfather's hospitality – until an unexpected turn of events that makes Poena grow up very quickly.

Sunday, 18 April on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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