DStv, 947 are taking over St Catherine’s Preparatory School, Germiston!

Lerato Tloubatla has won an epic #1stDayTakeover for her son Tlotlego, courtesy of DStv and 947!

The DStv School of Laughter and 947 are excited to announce Lerato Tloubatla and her son Tlotlego as the winners of the #1stDayTakeover competition, which ran from 25 to 29 November 2019.

DStv knows the first day of big school is a milestone day for parents and kids alike. That’s why we partnered with 947 to create an event that would be cherished by parents and kids for years to come.

We asked parents to tell 947 what they were most looking forward to about their kids going to “big school”. Participants were entered into a draw to win an epic #1stDayTakeover activation for their child, where DStv’s School of Laughter and 947 will visit their child’s school on the first day of the 2020 academic year and hand out all sorts of goodies including interactive weekly planners to help kids plan their homework, sport activities and DStv time.

Lerato Tloubatla, a DStv premium customer, heard about the competition while listening to The Breakfast Club with Anele on 947. “I immediately thought it was an awesome opportunity for my son, who starts Grade 1 next year,” she says. “After speaking to him about it and seeing how excited he was, I decided to try my luck.”

Lerato received a call from DStv a few days later confirming that they had won the competition. “Tlotlego’s birthday always falls within the school holidays – so more than anything, I was grateful that he would finally enjoy a day at school that is all about celebrating him,” she says.

Going further together

The influence of a child’s home environment and parenting practices on early development is well established. In fact, studies show that interactions between parents and child in the first few years of life are especially important for early language, cognitive and socio-economic development.

According to Lerato, one of the things she loves most about DStv is the fact that she and her son can enjoy the same entertainment. “Shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, for example, appeal to both adults and kids,” she says. “I find the wittiness hilarious, while Tlotlego enjoys the characters and storylines. We watch these kinds of shows together all the time.”

According to Thabisa Mkhwanazi, Executive Head of Marketing at DStv, it is this vision - to inspire timeless moments for parents and children to unite around a piece of entertaining content - that fuels the DStv School of Laughter. “Being a parent in South Africa is difficult for a number of reasons – not least of which is the constant worry about your child’s well-being,” she says. “What we’ve tried to do with the DStv School of Laughter is provide a safe space for children and parents to choose from a range of age-appropriate content that is entertaining and educational for them both. As a trusted partner for parents on the journey of raising children by, it is these moments – the silent bonding over a humorous show or the hysterical laughter over a character’s crazy antics – are what we strive to generate in millions of homes every day.”

The DStv School of Laughter is excited to bring these moments to the St. Catherine’s Preparatory School in Germiston on the first day of the academic year in 2020.