DStv Access is the education sensation this November

Whether you’re into wildlife, the human body, marvellous machines or the power of secrets, there’s something to learn on DStv Access this November

This November is super-stress month for all the kids writing exams, and that means parents will be stressed, too. But DStv Access is here with a reminder that education can be fun, and the world is full of wonder.

Turn your home into a positive learning environment with shows about everything from Africa’s incredible wildlife, to the blood in your body, from human inventions and marvellous machines, to the truth about our food. And if you want something fun with feeling, Dineo Ranaka’s Yim’Lo is here with a heart full of secrets, and there are talent shows coming, too…

Wild wildlife

National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) is taking viewers on a safari, ranging all over the African continent every Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 throughout November. Aside from beautiful, intimate shots of animals and an educational look at the balance of nature, get ready for heart-pounding action and raw, intense family drama. Animal lovers will also see the return of National Geographic wildlife photographer Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project…

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Africa's Deadliest: Opportunists

African predators from the lions and crocodiles, all the way down to the little jackals, use a variety of tactics to capture their daily meals. This documentary looks at how they spring into action when nature sends prey their way.
Sunday, 1 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

South Africa, Land of Extremes

South African wildlife survives in an enormous range of environments and circumstances. This documentary shows how certain species have adapted everything including their size to exploit the niches on offer.
Saturday, 7 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Africa’s Deadliest: River Rivals

African river predators like the crocodile and hippopotamus are so feared that they’ve given rise to myths and monsters. This doccie reveals the truth about their lives and rivalries, and the dangers that any animal in Africa faces when they go for a sip of water.
Sunday, 8 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Africa’s Big Five

Trophy hunters once dubbed Africa’s most dangerous game animals The Big Five. Now they’re the ones we most want to see while we’re on a game drive. Find out how the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo survive in the wild.
Saturday, 14 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Africa’s Deadliest: Ultimate Adversaries

In the bush, animals all fight to survive. But with animals like hyenas and lions after the same prey, sometimes the hunters become the hunted and we’re in for a clash of titans.
Sunday, 15 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

The Flood: Africa’s Okavango

Elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, hippos, antelope, leopards, hyenas and zebras are just some of the animals you will see among the 250,000 mammals that surround the delta in the dry season. And then, when the waters come, it’s time for the birds to burst forth in numbers and for the animals to give birth.
Saturday, 21 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Wild Uganda: Perils of Paradise

Despite years of poaching and civil war, Uganda’s wildlife clings to survival. But the country’s savannah, rain forests, swamps and mountains are still a dangerous paradise, whether you’re a gorilla, an elephant, a Uganda Kob, or a banded mongoose.
Sunday, 22 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Africa’s Hidden Wonders: Rwanda

Rwanda is a land of mists, fires and forests. This documentary explores not just its wildlife, including marvellous gorillas, but its fierce landscapes including the Virunga volcanoes and deadly lakes. The episode will be followed immediately afterwards by 2 further episodes profiling Ethiopia and the Sahara.
Saturday, 28 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Hostile Planet: Africa

In Africa’s harshest desert landscapes under the burning sun, drought and dust, survival doesn’t just take skill, it takes luck and good timing along with brute strength and blood.
Sunday, 29 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Photo Ark S2

In this 2-part, 2-hour follow up special, National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore is back on his mission to create beautiful and moving portraits of every single endangered species in captivity on Earth – before it’s too late. This season, he dives underwater to photograph the Amazonian manatee. And he captures the adorable pika in the wild in the Colorado Rockies.
Starts on Friday, 27 November on National Geographic Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

Kids’ awesome adventures

In November, kids will be treated to adventure and beauty in the brand-new animated series Mira: The Royal Detective on Disney Junior (DStv 309). Mira is solving mysteries in India, and the show will spotlight all the country’s dazzling colour and culture. And older kids can get their Teen Titans action in a brand-new series of specials, Teen Titans Go! Night Begins To Shine Two. And there’s plenty of fun learning in store with doccies about machines, inventions (both led by female presenters for a change) and DIY pranks…

Kids shows on Catch Up

And that’s a fact

Nature and kids’ documentaries aside, there are plenty of intriguing shows for grown-ups, too. Whether you’re intrigued by medical marvels and discoveries, or want to look into the future or the food we eat, there’s a show to grab your imagination.

More factual entertainment 

Alternative realities

Kick back in November with fantastic local and international reality talent shows about food in Chef Dede Wyt’s Rate My Plate and Buddy Valastro’s Big Time Bake. If that works up an appetite, Dineo Ranaka’s Yim’Lo is going to serve up the juiciest secrets. And if all you want is a light laugh, Sydney’s Motorbike Cops have your ticket…

More reality TV


And something special

November’s audience-pleasing movie of the month, Ukholo, is all about the power of true love. A man named Bantu attempts suicide in despair after his wife ditches their marriage on their anniversary. But as he lingers in hospital, the voice of an angel starts to heal his heart and fill him with hope. That angel is hospital worker Shanto. And when Bantu becomes resolved to make the best of his new life by going to church, he hears her voice again. But there’s a snake in this garden in the form of a corrupt pastor, and Bantu’s past isn’t a clean slate either. Can he persuade Shanto to take a chance on him? Cast includes Chumani Pan and Jet Novuka.

Watch Ukholo on Thursday, 26 November on Mzansi Wethu (DStv 163) at 17:00

Finally, if you’re looking to make November a party month, music fans have fantastic weekends in store on MTV Base (DStv 322) thanks to SA Hits Countdown on Saturdays from 12:05, and 2-hour house music chart show #10 Yanos on Sundays from 10:05.

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