DStv Compact delivers over 60 new seasons and series this May!

DStv Compact is sheer May-hem this month with everything from the return of all the superhero shows and new Great British Bake Off, to a hive full of Honey shows

With 6 brand-new series launching on Korean entertainment channel tVN (DStv channel 134) – including the long-awaited Flower of Evil – 10 brand-new seasons and series on African lifestyle channel HONEY (DStv channel 173), and around 60 new seasons and series and 27 movies (including special collections of the Rocky and Mission: Impossible films) launching in May in total, DStv Compact proves that dynamite comes in small packages.

There’s great news for action and cop series, too, with the launch of the stylish new Michael Chiklis series Coyote, and the return of NCISAbsentia and The BlacklistDeath In Paradise, and the start of Power spinoff series Power Book II: Ghost.

Reality heats up in the kitchen with the South African premieres of new seasons of reality series The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef: The Professionals. And if you love your home reno, Ty Pennington’s new show Ty Breaker has something to show you. There are also new seasons of George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, Nicole Curtis has a new Rehab Addict spin-off, and Lara Spencer shows how to make your junk pay in Everything But The House.

Local reality fans have so much to see with the return of This Way NgingakhonaSingle And Mingle, and Dloz'lami.

And if you love animated comedy, there’s a brand-new season of The Simpsons, and the South African premiere of Solar Opposites, an adult comedy about aliens on Earth that was created by the Rick & Morty team.

Read on for details on all these shows and much, much more on DStv Compact this May!

Addictive new K-drama on tVN

May delivers some familiar faces in 6 intriguing new Korean TV series, ranging from historical drama The Crowned Clown, to Flower of Evil, and stories with supernatural twists like The Bride of Habaek and Tunnel.

Oh, Honey

African Lifestyle is sweet this May with makeover reality series like Salon Battle, a glimpse into the glamour with Nollywood Wives, and Kenya’s take on wedding dress show Wawu, That's My Dress. There are also new seasons of cooking competition series Hoot, Cook, Go, and makeover series Shine Shine… and so much more.

Salon Battle S1

Streaming cameras are set up in 3 different hair and nail salons in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. Stylists and technicians at these different salons must then race against the clock to each complete a look. We cut between the streams until each salon does their big reveal. Will it be a hit or miss? Only the big reveal will tell. It’s the ultimate beauty competition!

Watch from Tuesday, 18 May on Honey (DStv channel 173) at 17:30

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Dr. Laser S1

Dr. Ayobami Aranmolate, the most famous plastic surgeon at Grandville Medical and Laser Clinic in Lagos – best known as Dr. Laser – is on a quest to help people who have serious body image issues to get out of their shell. We see people tackling their insecurities head-on as they kick 1 insecurity to the curb thanks to Dr. Laser’s work in giving them their dream body.

Watch from Friday, 14 May on Honey (DStv channel 173) at 18:00

Watch Honey

Nollywood Wives S1

6 sassy, glamorous Nollywood women open up their personal lives and what it takes for them to maintain these exclusive lifestyles. Whether they’ve earned their way to the top with high-paying acting jobs, married influential Nigerian men, or are climbing their way through dating in the world of the hip & happening in Lagos, they’ll take us behind the walls and to the best parties.

Watch from Friday, 21 May on Honey (DStv channel 173) at 17:00

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Mom Versus Wife: Zambia S1

In each episode of this cooking competition, a man’s wife and his mother must both cook his favourite meal. As viewers, we’ll get insider tips on variations on some incredible Zambian dishes. He will taste their dishes blindfolded and choose the 1 he likes best. The woman who has whipped up the best dish wins boasting rights forever, but will she have to keep cooking for him too?

Watch from Tuesday, 18 May on Honey (DStv channel 173) at 17:00

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And don’t miss...

Animated comedy

Solar Opposites S1

In this animated adult comedy series from the makers of Rick & Morty, a family of aliens who were forced to flee their home world by an asteroid impact, wind up trapped on Earth in the United States of America, which is a terrible downgrade for them. Forced to live in suburban, mainstream USA while they carry out spaceship repairs, they send their kids to local school and have to stop them from collecting humans in jars, shrinking their classmates, and conducting experiments on Earthlings.

Watch from Monday, 3 May on FOX (DStv channel 125) at 21:30

Watch FOX

The Simpsons S32

It’s business as (un)usual in Springfield, The 22-episode season (2020-2021) launches with Mr. Burns playing Undercover Boss at the power plant, as ordinary worker Fred Kranepool. In the special Lisa-centric episode 3, Lisa imagines herself and her family as famous painters from Western art history, which is a feast for animation fans as the episode sends Homer to a Hieronymus Bosch-style hell. This season’s Treehouse of Horror episode includes a segment based on the 2020 elections. And guest voice artists include Olivia Coleman, Michael Palin, Paul Rudd and Ellie Kemper.

Watch Mondays-Fridays from Wednesday, 26 May on Vuzu (DStv channel 116) at 18:00

Watch Vuzu

Cop ’til you drop!

If you love cops and crooks, it’s a packed May on DStv Compact, with the arrival of the gripping Michael Chiklis series Coyote, in which he plays a US-Mexico border guard whose world view is about to be upended. And we welcome back the NCIS team, Red and Liz in The Blacklist, the twisted FBI drama in AbsentiaDeath In Paradise, and Power spin-off series Power Book II: Ghost.

Romantic reality

It’s time for the returns of SA dating show Single And Mingle and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.


Single And Mingle S5

This reality dating series follows single people on their blind dates, from start to end, exposing all the drama and intrigue as they get to know each other. The real gold is in the “private” straight-to-camera comments the daters make about each other, critiquing everything from their date’s fashion sense, to the venue they’re at to the conversation. Picky, picky! This is a series that you want to watch with your #SingleAndMingle at the ready, because the viewers comments are on another level.

Watch from Thursday, 6 May on Moja Love (DStv channel 157) at 18:00

Watch Moja Love


90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After S6

90 Day Fiancé couples who tied the knot within the time allotted on their 90-day K1 visas are back. Catch up with Kalani & Asuelu and Elizabeth & Andrei’s in-law battles, check in with 2 couples who’ve been split by the pandemic: Tiffany & Ronald and Angela & Michael. Joining the cast, we have Tim & Melyza (90 Day Fiancé, S2) and 3 couples from 90 Day Fiancé, S8: Brandon & Julia, Jovi & Yara, and Mike & Natalie. But Larissa (90 Day Fiancé S6) won’t be back, since she was deported after TLC fired her.

Watch from Thursday, 20 May on TLC (DStv channel 135) at 20:00

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Real people, real drama

Compassionate local reality series This Way Ngingakhona, which turns a spotlight on South Africa’s LGBTQ+ community, and local medium Thembi Nyathi’s series, Dloz'lami, both return, along with a tragic, unmissable season of Little Women: Atlanta, which also has a new after-show hosted by Loni Love (the new host of Bridezillas, which is also on DStv Compact this May). The UK’s Love Island guys are back in a new season of house-sharing series Living The Dream, and the Teen Mom OG crew returns along with Dr. Now's patients. And a brand-new show called The Blended Bunch shows what happens when newlyweds with 11 kids between them try to live under 1 roof.

True Crime time

Show like Green Eyed Killers and Shocking Emergency Calls take us behind the crimes and shocking news stories to reveal what really happened and why…



Lost Cities: The Flood

In this documentary special, adventurer, research scientist and National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin travels from the lost remains of a prehistoric civilization in the depths of the Black Sea in Turkey, to a sacrificial site in the Peruvian Andes, all on the trail of “Great Flood” stories shared by different cultures across the globe. In Peru, for example, folktales from the Huarochirí region tell of a llama who warns his master to retreat to the highest mountains to escape a coming flood.

Watch on Sunday, 9 May on National Geographic (DStv channel 181) at 21:00

Watch National Geographic


Sunrise Safari & Sunset Safari

Sit down as a family for a guided, real-time TV safari (1 at sunrise and another around sunset) in % of South Africa’s great parks: Djuma, Ngala, Pridelands, Phinda and Tswalu. As the animals do their thing, the experienced and knowledgeable guides pick out interesting details for you to look at. They’ll explain the animals’ behaviour and even perform experiments to demonstrate intriguing nature facts. It’s May and we’re getting into the dry season, which sees animals of all kinds clustering around waterholes and on river banks.

Watch daily from Monday, 3 May on Wild Earth (DStv channel 183) at 06:30 and from 15:30

Watch Wild Earth Read more about WildEarth

Kids Zone


Raven's Home S4

Twins Booker, Nia and their best friend, Tess, are setting off for high school for the first time, leaving Levi behind in middle school. Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea have their hands full running Your Best-Dressed Life, their growing life coaching and fashion business. This season, someone uses Nia’s photo as their own social media avatar, the kids want to plan a surprise for Raven’s birthday (good luck keeping secrets around Raven), and Booker and Nia try to land work as assistants to raise cash for their fun summer plans.

Watch from Monday, 10 May on Disney Channel (DStv channel 303) at 17:00

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kids’ movies

Each Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 throughout May, M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) will show a new kids’ movie title. Saturdays titles are great for fish and dog lovers, aside from while Sunday’s movies have a fairy-tale and fantasy edge aside from A Second Chance, which is an Australian movie about junior gymnastics targeted at tweens.

Also watch…

A Second Chance

Watch on Sunday, 16 May on M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) at 16:00

Watch M-Net Movies 3

Sea Heroes

Watch on Saturday, 22 May on M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) at 16:00

Watch M-Net Movies 3

Princess Dragon

Watch on Sunday, 23 May on M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) at 16:00

Watch M-Net Movies 3

Grown-up movies

2 great action franchises turn up the heat in May. On Saturdays at 18:00, M-Net Movies 3 (DStv channel 107) will be airing the first 5 of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky movies (there have been 8 to date, with 2 more in the works), focussed on boxer Rocky Balboa. And on Saturdays at 20:00 on the same channel, you can enjoy the first 5 films in Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible franchise (of which there are 6 films to date and 1 more in the works). Mzansi Magic is premiering new local movies every Saturday at 20:30 throughout May. There’s also a brand-new movie called Twist premiering in South Africa on TNT (DStv channel 137), and KIX (DStv channel 114) serves up the brand-new action film The Case: Death Drugs, which premiered in China this year,



This modern take on Charles Dickens’ 1838 novel, Oliver Twist, stars Jude Law’s son, Rafferty, as the young graffiti artist Oliver Twist who is lured into a street gang headed by father figure Fagin (Michael Caine). Fagin is planning a series of crimes with the help of the brutal Sikes (Lena Heady), and cunning Dodge (Rita Ora).

Watch on Thursday, 6 May on TNT (DStv channel 137) at 20:00

Watch TNT


The Case: Death Drugs

In this action thriller, a young drug maker creates a dangerous new street drug and targets the youth market in Hong Kong. The drug has dangerous and sometimes lethal side effects, and it’s up to the Anti-Drug Operation Unit to stop it before the crisis claims more lives. With Lam Tze Chung, Philip Keung, Eugene Tang and Terry Zou

Watch on Saturday, 29 May on KIX (DStv channel 114) at 19:00

Watch KIX

Rocky movies

Mission: Impossible movies

And don’t miss…

Ukuvala Inxeba

Watch on Saturday, 1 May on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

Watch Mzansi Magic

Magwinya Money

Watch on Saturday, 8 May on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

Watch Mzansi Magic

Iqhawe Lokuthula

Watch on Saturday, 15 May on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

Watch Mzansi Magic


Watch on Saturday, 22 May on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

Watch Mzansi Magic

Daddy's Girl

Watch on Saturday, 29 May on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 20:30

Watch Mzansi Magic



All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite

This is a new global wrestling league, founded in 2019 and headed by the Khan Family. Their star male and female wrestlers include some famous faces like Chis Jericho (yes, the actual rock star himself), Cody Rhodes (son of Dusty Rhodes) and his half-brother, Dustin Rhodes (Runnels), along with Cody’s wife, Brandi (well known to WAGS Atlanta fans and now also AEW’s Chief Brand Officer), AAA Mega Champion Tyson Smith, current AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida, and South African-born Angelico. PS: Look out for repeats of Friday’s episode on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

Watch from Friday, 7 May on TNT (DStv channel 137) at 20:00

Watch TNT Read more about AEW

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