DStv Compact Plus is kind, caring and funny this July

Doug Thron is on a mission to save lost dogs, animal whisperer Hettie Richter talks to the animals in Dierepraters and Kenan Thompson is the father of laughter in The Kenan Show and more, now on DStv Compact Plus

There really is something special for everyone on DStv Compact Plus this July, with a special focus on series and documentaries that’ll help you to feel connected and inspired.

Kenan Thompson’s touching new family sitcom Kenan leads a comedy festival that also sees the return of Mixed-ish, Insecure, and Lui Maar Op, Belinda.

Nature series Dierepraters is here to teach us the ins and outs of communicating with animals, while you’ll want the tissue box handy for Doug To The Rescue, a series that shows one man’s mission to help animal rescue organisations to reunite people with lost pets after tragedy and disaster strike.

And there are loads of fascinating reality shows with a human face, from Baron Vaughn and rapper Open Mike Eagle’s stereotype busting comedy-and-music series The New Negroes, to Cato Bekker’s return in a new season of sweet reconciliation series Die Uitnodiging. An inspiring Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life takes us inside Tamar’s difficult journey with mental health and recovery. While Hustle & Soul dishes out big drama. And 2 chilling true crime series, Mark of A Killer and Buried In The Backyard, explore the darker side of human nature.

New game show Kyk Wie Praat takes us inside the sweet and funny minds of little kids.

Then travellers, if you think you might want to give Namibia a try, get onboard with new series Nou Toer Ons with Toks En Tjops presenters Toks van der Linde and Breyton Paulse, and the return of Elders with Erns Grundling, which both pay a visit. And if you’d rather stay home, Nes Op Sy Bes will inspire some money saving home makeover magic, while Slank could set you off on your own journey to tackle some lifestyle change.

All this and more, plus 5 local movies and the return of chilling drama series Spoorloos, this July on DStv Compact Plus.

Read on for all the details. 

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it’s ba-ack

Spoorloos_Poster_924x1360.jpg (1)

Spoorloos S3

8 Episodes, 1 terrifying case as this drama series returns with a new tale. This time we follow the disappearance of a 6-month-old baby whose nanny, Lena Jacobs, kidnaps her from her parents’ Northern Cape farm on the night that mom and dad are murdered. 15 years after the night of that tragedy, the baby’s surviving family get word that she has been found alive. And for 16-year-old Adri Erasmus, finding out that the woman who raised her isn’t her biological mother raises a flurry of questions with buried answers.

Watch from Tuesday, 6 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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Give us a laugh!

Along with new seasons of Mixed-ish, Insecure, and Lui Maar Op, Belinda, comedy lovers can look out for funny man and comedy legend Kenan Thompson’s touching brand new family sitcom, Kenan.

The nature of us

DStv Premium’s moving July wildlife shows highlight humans’ bonds to nature. South African animal whisperer series Dierepraters explores animal communication and the people who can help us to understand different animals. In Doug To The Rescue, Doug Thron uses his drone and cameras to help reunite people and their pets in the days after disasters strike. And Nature Through Her Eyes takes us inside the lives of women wildlife filmmakers.

Real people

For real-life stories that bring the drama, check out all the reality series on DStv Compact Plus this July. Peter Rosenberg’s late night music talk show Open Late is back, and Baron Vaughn and rapper Open Mike Eagle’s comedy-and-music series The New Negroes busts stereotypes about modern African American cultures. Presenter Cato Bekker is extending an invitation to reconciliation in Die Uitnodiging. Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life takes us on Tamar’s road to recovery from a dark time in her life with honesty and compassion. Restaurant reality series Hustle & Soul takes its sizzling drama to Miami, where the fists and wine fly. It’s a recipe for disaster and we love it! Want more drama? Put A Ring On It is an intriguing social experiment that challenges long-time couples about the real reason they’re not married. And CBS Justice (DStv channel 170) true crime series Mark of Killer and Buried In The Backyard explore the darker side of human nature.

Let’s play a game

Kyk Wie Praat S1

In this brand new game show, 5 studio contestants compete to try and accurately predict the answers that 9 children between the ages of 6 and 9 gave to a set of questions that they were asked at the start of the episode. Along with their guesses we’ll see interviews with the kids as they tell stories that shed some light on their answers and give us insight into what the world looks like at their age, and the kind of assumptions that they make about it.

Watch from Thursday, 22 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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Beat Shazam S4

Guests compete to identify songs, with the episode’s overall winner trying to see if they can guess 6 song titles in a shorter time than the Shazam music app can. This season in round 1 competitors must correctly identify songs that have nothing to do with one another. In round 2, the category that the fewest team members select is the one they’ll have to identify songs from, DJ Corinne Foxx will select the songs for round 3, and in round 4 they must identify songs by their instrumental sections alone.

Watch from Monday, 19 July on 1Magic (DStv channel 103) at 17:30

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Travelling shoes


Elders S4

Travelers, our host Erns Grundling and his team are on the road again. They’re going hiking through our neighbouring country, Namibia, where they’ll uncover some of the most popular places in this country, as well as guiding us to some hidden gems. With overseas mostly out of reach for now, there’s never been a better time to call on the neighbours for a feast of beauty, excitement and natural wonders. Erns walked a 100km hike through the Namib desert and he can’t wait to get his feet back down in the sand.

Watch from Wednesday, 28 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 21:00

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Home sweet home


Nes Op Sy Bes S1

You can solve 2 problems at once with the new lifestyle reality show Nes Op Sy Bes. Let Candice Vorster, the MK Method Organisers team, and Cash Converters show you how you can declutter – and make some money! Once the things they no longer need or use are gone, Candice’s clients will have lots of lovely space for her to get creative in, using the money raised by decluttering, and for the MK Organisers team to streamline. It all happens in just one day!

Watch from Tuesday, 6 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 17:30

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Slank S6

If you’re dodging the scale and feel like you’re groaning under the weight of failure, take heart. This reality series, presented by Leandie du Randt, takes viewers on a health and wellness journey along with some of South Africa’s biggest stars. Join Pieter Koen and his wife and his wife Lotie as they learn healthy eating habits and build muscle, Bianca le Grange as she gets healthy as part of her journey to pregnancy, Manuel Escorcio tackles his diabetes diagnosis, and photographer Trompie Ven der Berg as he aims to slim down.

Watch from Sunday, 4 July on kykNET (Dstv channel 144) at 17:30

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Curious minds

Engineering series Heavy Lifts and World War II documentaries Colditz: The Legend and A War To Remember bring you intriguing edutainment on DStv Compact Plus.

Local movie high 5

5 stories, 5 genres: kykNET (DStv channel 144) has special stories for you, whatever your tastes. Eerie horror? Try Monster In My Kas. Gritty local drama? Give 4229 a try. Dreamy historical drama with a touch of magic? Visit Toorbos. A romantic comedy to steal your heart? That’s Mike En Mavis. And for a straight up comedy about life’s second act, may we introduce Magda Louw.


Monster In My Kas

8-Year-old Tayna has been told that little girls should not believe in monsters. But there’s one hiding in her cupboard, and he comes for her at night when everyone else is asleep. With Mila Swanepoel, Dior Botha, Nicola Hanekom, Gustav Gerdener and Laré Birk. Directed by Francois Jacons, who played Willie Niemand in the recent Storiefilm Niemand.

Watch on Sunday, 25 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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There’s a train carriage full of witnesses when a woman's cellphone is stolen, leading to an explosive situation when the alleged villain is caught. Mario, the pacifist, tries to calm the situation but everyone has had enough of being preyed on. With Cantona James, Louw Venter, June Van Merch, Maurice Paige and Veronique Jeptha.

Watch on Sunday, 11 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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Based on Dalene Mathee’s 2003 novel of the same name, this 1930s period drama with touches of magical realism tells the story of Karoliena (Elani Dekker), who must choose between her lifelong home in the Knysna Forest, and the love of a man. Toorbos won 2021’s Best Scriptwriting and Best Original Music/Score SAFTAS.

Watch on Saturday, 17 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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Magda Louw

This mockumentary film takes us along for a tongue-in-cheek, lump-in-the-throat look at one middle-aged Afrikaans woman’s life. An annual visit to the gynaecologist sparks Magda’s thoughts and fears about human imperfections, the absurdity of being human, and growing old. With Desiré Gardner, Mienke Ehlers, Shimmy Isaacs, Gershwin Meas, and Andre Weideman.

Watch on Sunday, 4 July on kykNET (DStv channel 144) at 20:00

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This is just the tip of your viewing iceberg. Check out the DStv Premium, Compact, Family and Access highlights packages to see what else will be coming your way this July, including the brand new local crime Thriller Reyka on DStv Premium, along with Chris Meloni’s new Law & Order spinoff series, Law & Order: Organised Crime. There’s also out of this world comedy in Moonbase 8 and the return of sci-fi series Manifest, and Michael Palin’s look back over his career making travel shows.

In the remaining packages, you can read about National Geographic’s Impact With Gal Gadot documentary, Shark month specials including National Geographic’s Sharkfest and Chris Hemsworth’s Shark Beach, a new season of cop show Hudson & Rex, and all-new documentaries on Greece, opera, art and World War II history.

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