DStv dishes up a smorgasbord of cooking shows

Feast your eyes on these new cooking shows coming to DStv this January.

Whether you're a foodie or a home chef whet your appetite with these cooking shows, only on DStv.

Jamie Cooks Italy

Before Jamie Oliver was a celebrity chef, he learned his trade in an Italian restaurant under the guidance of Gennaro Contaldo, who went on to become his friend and mentor.

In this series, Jamie reunites with Gennaro to travel through Italy to uncover some of the country’s best home cooks and to share their recipes, some of which have been handed down through generations.

Tune in on Wednesday, 2 January at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (174)

Best Baker in America

It’s America’s turn to crown the best baker, and this competition will see top US bakers compete to show off their skills.

They’ll tackle a variety of different tasks, from baking cakes, meringues and bread to baked Alaska and macarons.

After each episode, one will be eliminated, and the last baker standing will receive a cash prize of US$25 000.

Tune in on Friday, 4 January at 21:00 on Food Network (175)

Gordon Ramsay’s  24 Hours to Hell  and Back

Gordon brings his fiery temperament to a brand-new show this month, which sees him travel across the US seeking restaurants that really need his input.

He has just 24 hours to completely turn them around, and it isn’t going to be easy. Don’t expect Gordon to spare anyone from his expletive-driven tirades!

Tune in on Tuesday 22 January at 20:00 on BBC Lifestyle (174)

Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

Armed with an iron stomach and a curious mind, there’s no food that Andrew Zimmern is scared to try.

In the new season, he travels back in time and in the footsteps of some of history’s most famous pioneers to taste the dishes that America’s forefathers might have enjoyed, such as Yukon black bear heart, beaver tail and boiled muskrat.

Tune in on, Tuesday 29 January at 19:00 on Travel Channel (179).