DStv is an essential service

Find out the operating hours of our call centres and what digital touch points you can use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

MultiChoice can confirm that DStv has been declared an essential service by government, to provide the public with critical news, the latest information on COVID-19, public health updates as well as the best entertainment available for homebound South Africans. Any news to the contrary is false and untrue. The service to all our paid up subscribers remains uninterrupted.

Looking after employees is our top priority, meaning smaller teams that result in long delays to help you. Click on Self Service in the menu, use WhatsApp (060 060 3788), DStv App (on the app stores), Twitter or Facebook. We are #StrongerTogether when we #StayAtHome

As we enter this lockdown period, we know that many services are being disrupted. DStv is considered an essential service which means our Call Centres and Walk-in Centres, and accredited installers will be here for you during lockdown to ensure you remain watching. We have put precautionary measures in place to protect our staff to minimize contact and travel risks. You may experience some delays in our ability to service you. You can in the meantime use dstv.co.za, our Social Media Platforms (Twitter: @DStv & Facebook), the DStv App or WhatsApp us on:

060 060 3788 to do the following:

Furthermore, our USSD service (*120*68584#) will be zero rated until the end of May 2020 - which means that managing your DStv account will be at no charge to you. This means that even without airtime, you can check your balance, clear errors and reconnect or upgrade your package.

Remember that USSD only works if the number you’re dialing from is registered on our system. And if you struggle to get through to any of these touch points, you can WhatsApp us on 0600603788 (DStv).

Download the DStv self-service app

The DStv app means you don’t need to come into a service centre, you are able to manage your account anytime and from anywhere. You’ll get an overview of your account, make payments, clear errors and more, right at your fingertips. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

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Manage your decoders

Managing your decoders just got a whole lot easier. You can link, add and even remove decoders with ease. And when an error pops up, instead of calling the DStv call centre, you can clear errors manually on your DStv app. All you have to do is login and select the decoder with the error and select the type of error you need to fix. No one wants to be stuck with any broken device for two weeks or more, let alone their DStv decoders. Sort out your decoder insurance with app to make sure your entertainment access is secured. Always ensure you are logged in to view this page.

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Pay and manage your account

What a time to skip the queue. You can pay your DStv account on the app quite easily. Simply enter your ID, customer or smartcard number and it will redirect to the payments page, where you will be asked by what means you are going to pay. Furthermore, ensure that you don’t get stuck without your favourite shows and movies during this self-isolation period. You can check your DStv account balance on the app, at any time. It’s also your one-stop hub to update all your details, whether you’ve moved house or changed your subscription details, it can all be updated in one place. Again – remember to be logged in!

Stay up to date with all the latest breaking news

With the President announcing the National State of Emergency, it’s never been more important to stay up to date with breaking news. In response to the COVID-19 situation, DStv Now has added a new way to get free access (no DStv subscription needed) to six 24-hour news channels.

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Don’t let loadshedding get in the way of uninterrupted viewing

As if it’s not complicated enough to have the entire family stuck at home 24/7, South Africans still even face the distinct possibility of having to factor in loadshedding in the coming weeks. The good news is that rolling blackouts don’t have to be as inconvenient as they once were. It’s becoming more important than ever to stay prepared at all times to avoid being caught unawares when the inevitable happens, so we’ve put together everything you need to know when #shedhappens. So whether your decoder is left aimlessly scanning after the power comes back on, or you are planning on downloading your favourite shows to watch on a mobile device, we’ve got you covered!

Whole family taking refuge in a holiday home? It’s easy to set up your holiday decoder to manage your holiday viewing pleasure at your leisure. Families making use of the latest LG, Samsung, or Hisense smart TVs can download the DStv Now app to turn their television into the ultimate DStv hub, with access to all their favourite shows and channels.

Box sets and live streaming means unlimited entertainment

With the new normal around increasingly limited social contact seeing most families and households spending the majority of their time indoors, DStv’s box sets not only ensure that you can catch up on any episodes you might have missed, but nothing is stopping you from going back to binge entire seasons right from the very start.

And while most of the live sporting events are likely to be cancelled or at best postponed, households who rely on live streaming DStv channels can find out more about troubleshooting lagging feeds or sorting out issues surrounding video quality that might come up during viewing.