DStv Premium lights the fuse with explosive new shows and movies in November

DStv is filling Premium viewers’ nights with stars and starbursts this November. It’s going to be a firecracker month!

November? How about New-vember! There are so many brand-new gripping dramas, hilarious comedies, exciting game shows and fascinating documentaries in store for DStv Premium customers this month.

And besides that, the People’s Choice Awards are going to be your perfect lead-in to absolute movie madness as the Lifetime (DStv 131), KIX (DStv 114), M-Net (DStv 101) channels bring you the best of the best with over 60 new titles. We’re also looking forward to the finale on baby drama series Inconceivable on M-Net (DStv 101) on Thursday, 26 November. And speaking of fresh, Idols fans can expect some new tunes as the production team brings another record label onboard. Let’s light the fuse on this firecracker and start November with a bang.

Big Bang dramas

Whether you’re looking for Nicole Kidman and David E. Kelly’s latest collaboration in The Undoing, political backstabbing in The Comey Rule, a brand-new Brit-crime drama to investigate, the healing power of new medical drama or even the return of Stephen King’s serial killer chiller Mr. Mercedes, November is lit.

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More international series

Reality dazzlers

If you like your drama to get real, you’ll be saying Yes to November’s reality and game shows. They range from the silly family fun of The Misery Index and Celebrity Game Face, to game-changing seasons of Survivor and MasterChef Australia. And The Rock is back to rock your world with the astonishing physical challenges of The Titan Games. Check out what it’s all about…

More reality TV

Love your life(style)

The November Premium experience will help you live your best life, from travel with the delightful Joanna Lumley, to junketing about with the seriously silly Top Gear guys. There’s home renovation, glorious cakes, weddings, and even a show that’ll take you inside the lives of South Africa’s hottest social media stars. Just look at what’s in store!

And don’t miss…

Have Faith S2

The Have Faith team meet with SA’s favourite social media stars, their families and their production teams to look at how they’re making their own success – and what it takes to keep up a constant presence on the socials without landing up cancelled.
Starts on Monday, 2 November on MTV (DStv 130) at 21:30

Help! I Wrecked My House S1

Home reno expert Jasmine Roth (Hidden Potential and Rock The Block) steps in to help homeowners whose DIY projects have gone horribly wrong, mangling their bathrooms, kitchen and bedrooms. Jasmine brings in an expert work team to help her turn disasters into dream designs. Even plumbing disasters can’t shake Jasmine!
Starts on Tuesday, 3 November on HGTV (DStv 177) at 20:35

Married at First Sight S4

A team of experts plays matchmaker but the couples they’re putting together will meet for the first time ever – on film – on their wedding day. After a night together and a honeymoon, they’ll check back in on the couples to see whether it’s true love, or big trouble and time for a takeback.
Starts on Wednesday, 4 November on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174) at 20:00

True-crime time

2 series are putting the “No” in November. Devil Among Us takes us inside investigations into some truly disturbing crimes and brazen criminals who thought they could get away with it, and Chaos In Court looks at what happens when emotionally charged cases get in front of a judge.

Quality documentaries

With the world still in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, National Geographic (DStv 181) is spotlighting the latest research in Virus Hunters on Wednesday, 25 November at 21:00.

National Geographic epidemiologist and ecologist Christopher Golden is hunting for patterns that lead to international health issues. He and ABC News foreign correspondent James Longman, who has been covering the COVID-19 pandemic intensively, will travel across continents to meet the scientists on the frontlines of the efforts to halt COVID-19, and those who’re in the field trying to stop the next pandemic before it starts – like wildlife rangers, virus gene trackers and even bat scientists.

And before this episode airs, viewers can see what has happened since the series was shot in Breakthrough: Virus Hunters Update on Wednesday, 18 November on National Geographic (DStv 182) at 21:00. Following up in December, there is a documentary investigating how viruses become epidemics and even pandemics: Going Viral: From Ebola To COVID-19, airing on Wednesday 2 December on National Geographic (DStv 181) at 21:00.

There’s so much more beautifully filmed edutainment coming for DStv Premium viewers, from the return of wildlife photographer Joel Sartore’s Photo Ark project, to filmmaker Ron Howard’s celebration of hope and resilience in Rebuilding Paradise, and Tom Jennings’ definitive look at the 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II…


Special events

We’re into awards season for real now, and the big news in November is The People’s Choice Awards. Following E!’s Live From The Red Carpet coverage (airing between 02:00 and 04:00), the awards themselves will be broadcast live on air. The ceremony itself will be handing out awards across 44 different categories, with some celebs receiving lifetime or special awards. Actor-director Tyler Perry will be honoured with a People’s Champion Award (in recognition of his leadership during 2020, particularly in pioneering the re-launch of TV production under the new COVID-19 protocols and his charitable support of families in need), while Tracee Ellis Ross will be collecting the 2020 Fashion Icon Award, and Jennifer Lopez will receive the People’s Icon Award. These awards are for the big crowd pleasers, voted on by fans online – so it’s worth sitting back and making a note of what to go looking for on your favourite streaming sites, particularly in the movies category since this hasn’t been much of a year for bigscreen buzz.

Watch on Monday, 16 November on E! (DStv 124) at 04:00

Also look out for:

  • Soul Train Awards on BET (DStv 135) – date and time TBC
  • 2020 EMAs on MTV (DStv 130) – date and time TBC

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A movie explosion

Whether you’re after action, family or a sweet kid’s movie, M-Net (DStv 101) is punching your ticket in November as it fills your night with stars like Chadwick Boseman, Daniel Kuluuya, John Travolta and Naomie Harris…

Take your seat for…

21 Bridges

This action thriller was 1 of Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman’s final roles. He plays NYPD detective Andre Davis, who shuts down all 21 of Manhattan’s bridges connecting it to the mainland, to trap and capture a pair of cocaine thieves and cop killers (Stephan James and Taylor Kitsch).
Watch on Sunday, 1 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 20:05

Ella Bella Bingo

This fun and silly Norwegian-made (dubbed into English) animated movie aimed at ages 6 and up follows the adventures of Ella and her jealousy as a new kid in town, Johnny, takes over all Ella’s best friend Henry’s time and attention.
Watch on Saturday, 7 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 15:30

Queen & Slim

Lena Waithe and James Frey co-wrote this romantic comedy road trip with a crime twist. Criminal Defence Attorney Queen (Jodie Turner-Smith) and her dating app dinner partner, Slim (Daniel Kuluuya), go on the run together after killing a cop in self-defence during a stop and search.
Watch on Saturday, 7 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 21:00

The Poison Rose

This neo-noir thriller, based on Richard Salvatore’s 2018 novel of the same name, focuses on private investigator Carson Phillips’ (John Travolta) search for a missing mental patient in his Texas hometown, and the truth about the death of his own daughter's abusive boyfriend.
Watch on Saturday, 14 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 21:00

Black And Blue

This action thriller sees US Army veteran Alicia West (Naomie Harris) join the police department of her New Orleans hometown. She needs to depend on the help of the community after she witnesses the police murder of an unarmed drug dealer, and captures footage of the event on her body cam.
Watch on Saturday, 21 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 21:00

Holiday Heist

Tis the season – already! This Christmas-themed BET movie centres on Devin (Tobias Truvillon), a good guy who gets blackmailed into taking part in a jewel heist, only to fall for a jewellery shop owner’s daughter, Jade (Chaley Rose).
Watch on Saturday, 28 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 21:00

Lucy Shimmers and The Prince of Peace

During the holiday season, a hardened criminal (Vincent Vargas) gets a second chance at setting his life right when he crosses paths with a smart little girl (Scarlett Diamond) who has an angel on her side.
Watch on Friday, 27 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 21:00

Lifetime’s Wild Love November

November’s Lifetime (DStv 131) movies are all about that Wild Love – a love that’s sometimes deadly, sometimes delightful, but always surprising and overpowering. Movie fans can join Ayanda MVP for special watch-along movies throughout the month. New movies double bills are airing every Saturday and Sunday at 19:30 and 20:50, and there will be a movie marathon on Saturday 21 November from 11:45 to 19:20, before the movie of the month, Looking For Mr. Wonderful, sweeps you and Ayanda off your feet.

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Get your KIX fix!

KIX (DStv 114) is bringing viewers November fireworks with hot action and martial arts titles from China and the US. There are tales of honour and vengeance and… zombie zoo animals? Human organ hunters? Time-traveling gamblers? Well, there’s never a dull second on KIX.
Read more below for the fresh new titles you can catch on KIX (DStv 114) in November.


And something special

Filmmaker Steve McQueen (Shame and 12 Years a Slave) has spent the past 11 years creating Small Axe, a series of 5 films exploring life in London’s West Indian community from the 1960s to the 1980s. Together, the Small Axe films are an uplifting celebration of community, family, joy, music and food, and the stories represent a triumph over racism and British class issues. The film subjects range from celebrations of real-life political resistance and activism, to explorations of music and ordinary life.

“They’re linked, and the connective tissue is the Black British experience, the Black Indian experience. These are historical pieces that we need to come to light,” says Steve, whose father is from Grenada, while his mom came from Trinidad. The films’ stars include Letitia Wright and John Boyega, along with previously undiscovered talent.

Starts on Monday, 16 November on BBC Brit (DStv 120) at 20:00

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