DStv’s School of Laughter makes learning fun from 11-17 June

Young Sheldons are in for a treat with educational programmes coming to DStv’s School of Laughter, like Kids, Race and Unity: A NickNews Special, Operation Ouch! Do Try This At Home, and Xploration DIY SCI

3 amazing shows on DStv’s School of Laughter target awareness of the sciences including social science, medicine and physics this week. In Kids, Race and Unity: A NickNews Special, global singing icon Alicia Keys brings families together from across America to discuss important issues and topics surrounding race. Then we delve into the world of amazing science with Operation Ouch! Do Try This At Home, with Drs Chris and Xand, and Xploration DIY SCI with YouTube star Steve Spangler shows your kids how to explore science at home.

The programmes for the little kids teach social skills in the most fun way with new episodes of Vampirina and Bubble Guppies, as well as animated movies like The LEGO Movie, The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me coming your way.

Watch, laugh and learn with even more DStv children’s shows and movies in School of Laughter. And for more snack-sized info on DStv’s biggest shows, check out #OhSnack on the DStv YouTube Channel.



Kids, Race and Unity: A NickNews Special

In preparation for South Africa’s Youth Day celebrations on Wednesday, 16 June, NickNews is releasing this special 1-hour report on civil rights hosted by celebrity singer Alicia Keys. The documentary highlights the work of black children and teens who’re fighting racial injustice. The special aims to give kids and parents tools for discussing racial issues at home, and hopes to answer some questions kids might have, as well as giving them tools to cope with the racism that they experience and reduce the damage and fear that it causes.

Watch on Wednesday, 16 June on NickToons (DStv channel 308) at 17:40

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Xploration DIY CSI S1

Host Steve Spangler mixes education and humour as he shows kids how to safely conduct experiments at home using the things around them, and ties these lessons into real-world innovations. Steve is going to show us how to make a toy that seems to read your mind, what happens to a vat of slime if your drop it from a 10-storey building, how to make a ping pong ball super-shooter, a bunch of fun toys that fly, and some gravity defying devices. He’ll also try to stump kids with science-based brainteasers.

Watch from Friday 11 June on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) at 16:00 

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Operation Ouch: Do Try This At Home S11

Identical twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken have turned their home kitchen into their new lab, and they’re filming themselves because of the pandemic. They’re going to take us on a wild tour of the human body, explaining its little wonders from mucus to fingerprints. And they’ll give kids some experiments that they can try at home safely. Follow their guidelines and you’ll see what you can learn, from turning bones bendy, to finding out how much air your lungs can hold, testing your tastebuds and more.

Watch from Saturday, 12 June on Da Vinci (DStv channel 318) at 14:00 (continues Saturdays and Sundays)

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Let’s go to the movies!

In brief…

There are also new episodes of the little kids’ favourite shows on the way. A bit of kiddie entertainment is also a good source of comfort for children and parents who need a little quiet time, so sink your teeth into…


Ollie’s Pack S1

Canadian animated comedy series Ollie’s Pack follows the adventures of tween Ollie and his backpack, which acts as a portal between our world and the world of monsters, allowing them to travel between the “Monsterverse” and Earth. Brand-new episodes 13-27 are on the way. We’ll see Ollie hit with a surprise “Chosen One” test, and Van Horne pretending to be Ollie in detention so that Ollie can chase after a garbage monster. Plus, Ollie’s going to wind up facing the judges in Monster Court. Uh oh!

Watch new episodes from Monday, 14 June on Nick Jr (DStv channel 307) at 15:40 

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Vampirina S3

Young Vampirina, or Vee as she prefers to be called, welcomes some new guests to her parents’ B&B, but 1 of the guests has a hard time being himself and hides in the mirrors.

Watch new episodes from Monday, 14 June on Disney Junior (DStv channel 309) at 15:30. 

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Bubble Guppies S5

When some Untidy Titans (played by Guppies) mess up Zooli, Nonny, and Oona’s goat farm, the goat herders must journey to the Titans’ cloud realm to ask them to tidy up.

Watch new episodes from Monday, 14 June on Nick Jr (DStv channel 307) at 10:45

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