DStv's new and returning detective series

Some familiar faces are back to crack cases, clean up the streets and put the criminals behind bars.

Luther V

Idris Elba stars as the dark and complicated Luther, a detective haunted by the fact that he once killed a man while on duty.

His counterparts think he is unreliable, but they can’t overlook his incredible intuition, which results in him always getting his man.

All-new episodes of this gripping show see Luther back in the firing line. The new season has been described by the UK press as, “utterly heart-stopping and unmissable”.

Tune in on Sunday, 6 January at 21:00 on BBC First (121).

Vera IX

She’s brash, rude and socially awkward, but that doesn’t stop DCI Vera Stanhope from catching the criminals.

Her wisdom knows no bounds, and when it comes to picking up on a clue, wherever it may be, Vera is always first on the scene.

Based on the works of the bestselling author Ann Cleeves, the ninth season of Vera can be seen within a week of the UK broadcast.

Tune in on Wednesday, 16 January at 20:00 on ITV Choice (123).


Bishop and Pike are two of the UK’s toughest cops, and keeping London’s East End crime free is their main concern.

While they work seamlessly together on the job, understanding each other’s every move, behind the scenes it’s a different story.

Whereas Pike’s father is a decorated policeman, drifter Bishop grew up in a care home, never knowing his parents. Their backgrounds may be different, but this doesn’t define their attitude to their job, and these two will do anything to make sure they have each other’s backs.

Tune in on Monday, 28 January at 20:00 on Universal TV (117).