EARN rewards on the MyDStv app

It’s where we make you the star – and say thank you for being part of the DStv family

DStv Rewards gives subscribers the opportunity to get even closer to the action, with a host of rewards on offer.

The newly-launched DStv Rewards gives subscribers the chance to receive more of the content they love with specials upgrades and customer discounts as well as benefits from BoxOffice, Showmax and other DStv related products and services. We want to keep customers entertained, on the couch and off, with access to live events and much more to make the DStv experience, even better! The best part, is it’s FREE and easy to join in the MyDStv app.

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Being a star, earns you stars

Reward members will be awarded stars based on things you were doing anyway, including…

  • Which package you're on: You could earn up to 15 stars based on which package you are subscribed to.
  • How long you’ve been a DStv customer: Here you could rack up to 20 stars depending on the number of years you’ve been part of the DStv family
  • The services you’re using, which can add more stars: like streaming Showmax when added to your DStv account, renting BoxOffice movies and streaming DStv via the app.
  • Simply staying connected for 3 months earns you 10 stars.
  • The number of stars you earn will only be used to determine the reward level you will be on.

Star treatment

There are 4 reward levels: Starter (0-30 stars), Rising Star (31-60 stars), Super Star (61-90 stars) and Legend (91+ stars). The more stars you earn, the higher your rewards level becomes, and the more offers you become eligible for.

Your reward level makes you eligible for a variety of rewards each month that’ll help you enjoy your time in front of the TV even more. This includes rewards such as: “rent 1, get 1 on us” movie credits on BoxOffice, Uber Eats delivery and food vouchers or service vouchers to cover tech help. There will also be special birthday rewards, offers on Showmax, free package upgrades, and much, much more to come.

Join and claim your rewards now

Check up your reward level and rewards by signing in on the MyDStv app and select the Rewards icon to join (at absolutely no cost). You’ll then be taken through to the rewards dashboard that will reveal how many stars you have, what level you’re on, and which special offers you can already claim.

Some rewards are ongoing discounts and offers that’ll be yours every month for as long as you’re an active subscriber at that reward level.

More on Rewards

Special offers

Aside from earning stars, rewards members can look forward to challenges and competitions to get even more rewards. Once you have joined rewards, DStv will also alert you to new offers, challenges, competitions and rewards via email, SMS or notifications via the MyDStv app. So, make sure we have your latest contact details.

So, quick question…

  • What if I pause my DStv for a month? Once you’re back, you can start earning new rewards. You reward level and stars may be affected if you disconnect your DStv account.
  • Are there tax implications? Whew, no.
  • Who is eligible for the rewards programme? Active South African residential DStv subscribers over the age of 18.
  • Can I give my rewards to someone else? They’re yours alone.
  • I don’t want this! This is an opt-in programme, so if you decide later that you no longer want to participate, you can opt out via the MyDStv app, no worries. But your rewards will be sad to see you go!
  • Who do I contact to ask about the rewards programme? Email [email protected], or reach out to the social team on Twitter and Facebook. And check out the website for more details.