Enable Holiday Viewing

Watch in the comfort of your holiday home

How to activate your holiday home decoder

Set up your holiday home decoder as well as manage your holiday viewing at your leisure.

Visit the DStv.co.za website and login

Click on “My Decoders”

Switch to

On your Holiday Home decoder click “manage” then click “Switch from main Account”

Select the Decoder to switch from and dates and click “Next”

Confirmation = Success


After login and going to SelfService:

Select your Holiday Home and click Manage, then “Move Package”

Confirm by clicking “MOVE PACKAGE”

Confirmation = success


Select Holiday Home Decoder and Click “Reconnect Packages”

Confirm the Package and the disconnection date and click “RECONNECT”

Confirmation = Success


Under your Holiday Home decoder, click “manage” and then click “Supend Packages”

Select the product to suspend and the suspension date

Confirmation = Success

What is DStv via Streaming?

It’s the online version of DStv. If you can’t be at home to watch your favourite shows via your decoder, visit now.dstv.com and watch DStv on your laptop, tablet or phone. It’s no extra cost to all DStv subscribers (just remember to keep an eye on your data).

Get it on Google Play

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