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Epic rivalries to look out for on tlnovelas (DStv 133)

Apart from rollercoaster romances, a good telenovela is nothing without a good villain and hero

It’s no secret – telenovelas are hugely popular among South African audiences. So, when DStv introduced tlnovelas (DStv 133) on Monday, 14 September, fans of the salaciously delicious genre were thrilled to have even more ridiculous stories of love, lies and lust to get lost in.

And in any good telenovela, there’s always the standout hero and ferocious villain. From killer siblings, to small-town ladies fighting to fix what is broken – here are our favourite goodies and baddies from 3 shows that we’re living for this October.

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Wild at Heart S1

Mistreated her whole life, impoverished Maricruz is finally ready to claim her space in life. She falls in love with handsome pilot and gentleman extraordinaire Octavio, who also happens to be a member of one of the richest families in town. But Octavio’s snobbish family despise Maricruz and soon certain family members go to revolting lengths to ensure this relationship meets a quick end. But humble Maricruz will soon return undercover as a rich, glamorous woman to take her revenge...

The Baddie: Lucía (Elizabeth Álvarez)

Octavio’s sister-in-law, Lucía, is evil to the core. She runs the family ranch in tyrannical fashion, mistreats her underpaid workers and the impoverished community as a whole, and will do unspeakable things to Maricruz just for the thrill of it.

The Goodie: Maricruz (Ana Brenda Contreras)

Orphaned as a child following a mysterious fire that killed her parents, Maricruz had to grow up practically on her own. Now living in a shack, she has never allowed her dire circumstances to dim her light. She is intelligent and determined to always do the right thing – making it a little bit harder for Lucía to break Maricruz’s spirit and love for Octavio.

Watch from Monday, 19 October on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 20:50 


Love Spell

Two half-brothers battle it out for love and money as the greedy Bruno will stop at nothing to make a quick dollar – including murdering family – while amnesiac Alejandro struggles to piece together his memories of the life that Bruno stole from him.

The Baddie: Bruno Albéniz (David Zepeda)

Only one thing drives Bruno and that’s money. He will go to great lengths to get what he wants, whether it’s blackmailing his fiancée, María Jose, into playing along with his devious plans, to using brute force to beat enemies into submission. And to top it all, he tries to murder his half-sibling, Alejandro, in an effort to get rich quick.

The Goodie: María José Samaniego (Jacqueline Bracamontes)

A simple, small-town girl María finds herself in a sticky situation with Bruno. Forced into playing along with Bruno’s scheme to get his hands on family riches, María is left powerless in a loveless relationship with the devil himself. But what’s María to do when Bruno constantly threatens to murder her father if she tries to escape his clutches? Thankfully, Bruno’s control wears off as time goes by, and we’ll soon see a far more determined María step up and do what’s right – or at least try.

Watch Mondays to Fridays on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 17:40 


A Beloved Man

Having recently won the mayoral elections in his humble little town, Odorico promises to make life better for all residents. His first order of business? Building a local cemetery. Except, there’s one little problem: he needs someone to die soon, and no one in town is seemingly close to pushing up daisies. What’s a man to do?

The Baddie: Odorico Cienfuego (Jesús Ochoa)

Far from a beloved man, Odorico is a charismatic narcissist who manages to worm his way into the political sphere through deception and seduction. While he wins the locals’ favour with his big promises and charm, behind the scenes he is ensuring he retains ultimate power both financially and politically through pure dictatorial rule. Oh, and he’s also an awful father.

The Goodie: Homero (Andrés Palacios)

The only journalist in town, the supremely honest and morally driven Homero is willing to put his life on the line for the truth. Suspecting Odorico is anything but a straight-up guy, the feisty reporter starts digging into the newly elected mayor’s life. But things get a bit murky when Homero falls deeply in love with Valeria, the daughter of the man he is determined to expose.

Watch Mondays to Fridays on tlnovelas (DStv 133) at 19:15

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