Fear the Walking Dead

Live from LA, Karen David who plays Grace in Fear The Walking Dead, explains how despite not being a big fan of horror, her role in the show has inspired her.

When Grace burst onto our screens like an absolute badass in Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead, it was actor Karen David’s first foray into horror. The Indian-born Canadian was better known for such roles as Jasmine in Once Upon a Time and Princess Isabella in Galavant. But she appears to have found her “happily ever after” on – of all places – a violent show that depicts a zombie apocalypse.

Her big entrance was, of course, holding fan-favourite character Morgan at gunpoint. So how did she end up here?

“I got the call from my agent out of the blue about this ‘wonderful role’,” Karen says. “I was like, ‘Geez, do I want to?’ I had watched a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead and was so scared – my husband laughed at me. Horror stresses me out! But I thought I’m just going to have to grow up now and try something different.”

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Perhaps more surprising than Karen taking on the role of a power plant worker turned zombie slayer, is the fact that she’s found so much positive in it.

“Fear is about much more than the apocalypse,” she explains. “It’s about community and camaraderie. Morgan’s group is united in their grief and trauma, and being thrown into the nucleus of a nightmare has taught me so much about real life. We live in such a divided time. No matter our differences, we must respect everyone and where they come from, and have the courage to be kind.”

Karen has really been able to sink her teeth into the role of Grace. “She’s completely different from me and I’ve learnt a lot from her. She’s a complex character – a pragmatic mind and terribly focused on survival. But she has a vulnerability that’s just waiting to come out. Those kinds of things excite me and help me stretch and grow as an actor.”

Karen says she came home from the Fear set each day excited and exhausted – but in a good way. “Being surrounded by death leaves a feeling of heaviness on the mind, and I did have to watch comedy or romance for balance. But part of survival is getting on with it.

“Every time Grace kills a walker, that’s someone she knew when they were alive. Each walker was a human at one point, with a journey and life story that has come to an end. Hers is not a life I would wish on anyone, but it’s reminded Grace of her choices and given her the courage to start to live by helping others.”

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