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Theories of the Führer’s last days at the end of World War II abound and in Hunting Hitler: The Final Chapter on History (DStv channel 186), elite American intelligence officer Bob Baer connects the dots and presents a startling revelation. Baer discovers that not only could Hitler have easily fled Germany after the war, but a Fourth Reich has been secretly growing for decades – with no hint of its existence reaching the public – and is preparing to attack America.

The documentary series Food Factory returns to National Geographic (DStv channel 181) with tales of the yummiest foodstuffs known to man. The show reveals the large-scale processes behind our most popular processed foods, including candy, chips, cookies, beer and soda. Each episode details the process of how a producer went from an initial idea to mass production.

There are numerous benefits that mangroves bring to coastlines and islands – they are effective at slowing erosion, stabilising sediment, providing food for other organisms and enhancing the diversity of species. In Magic of Mangroves on Curiosity Channel’s (DStv channel 185) Wildlife Wednesday, we see just how important these unassuming fauna really are.

Before there was ADT, fortresses were the only way to keep possessions safe. In Besieged Fortresses on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185), learn more about the benefits of infiltrating a highly protected area. Take a look at some of the most impenetrable fortresses and what techniques were used to keep their contents safe.

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Hunting Hitler: The Final Chapter

For years, the idea that Adolf Hitler died in his bunker in 1945 has been contested – and this show reveals exactly why. Join former CIA officer Bob Baer as he investigates the events surrounding the alleged suicide of the Führer. What starts as a mission to prove Hitler’s death turns into something far more sinister when claims that the Nazis escaped to South America were founded in fact, not fiction. Even scarier, the ideals of a madman are making their way onto US soil.

Sunday, 21 February on History (DStv channel 186) at 20:15

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Food Factory S3

Food Factory is an engaging, travel-worthy video experience about the world’s most popular food. Tune in for a tour of some of the best food-producing locations around the world. Past gold medalists have included chocolate, beer and soda but this season, we are headed to Cancun to discover what goes into our Mexican favourites.

Tuesday, 23 February on National Geographic (DStv channel 181) at 20:00

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Enjoy the inner workings of everything? Curiosity Channel has a show for that!

No matter what your interests, Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) has a show for that! Tune in for factual entertainment that will stick – and you could win big simply by watching Mission Unstoppable!

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Magic of Mangroves

Mangroves are one of the most important habitats on Earth, vital to many of the planet’s most extraordinary, wonderful and endangered species. Everything from shorebirds and sharks to monkeys and manatees relies on mangroves for their survival – more than half of the world’s species live in mangrove forests! Find out more about mangroves and the secrets they hold in this info-taining show.

Wednesday, 24 February at 20:00

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Besieged Fortresses

Fortresses have been used for thousands of years for a range of different purposes – but the basics remain the same: build at strategic points and fit with impressive fortifications to make the area as impenetrable as possible. These days, and with the changing face of warfare, fortresses are no longer thought of as impenetrable. Yet, they still play a vital role on the modern battlefield. A combination of increased technological advances and changes in tactics mean their function has shifted slightly from what it was originally intended for. Tune in to see how fortresses’ role has changed over time.

Sunday, 21 February at 19:00

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