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Find educational content for your kids with DStv’s School of Laughter

With kids spending more time at home, it’s never been more important to stimulate them with content that is both educational and entertaining. DStv’s School of Laughter channels offer all of this and so much more.

By Riona Maharaj

Fridays are my children’s favourite day. It’s because we relax and unwind in front of the television watching something that we all find interesting, together.

The coolest channel on DStv at the moment (voted for by my daughters) is Da Vinci (DStv 318). We can get lost for hours, watching scientific experiments as well as interesting and educational findings.

This channel is not only stimulating for the children to enjoy, it is also packed with a variety of ideas of things for us to do at home as a family. For instance, ‘Totally Rubbish’ is an arts & crafts show that is amazing. The girls have been inspired by some creative ideas that they have attempted to recreate at home.

There are a range of other exciting subjects covered on Da Vinci. Some of the other shows cover nature, history and inventions. It is a very family-friendly channel, so I feel at ease when my children are consuming these programmes because I know that their minds are being kept active in a positive way.

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Yuhna is really enjoying learning about animals in the wild. I love spending my one-on-one time with her exploring between the National Geographic (DStv 181) and NatGeo Wild (DStv 182). She sat through an entire documentary about sharks and proceeded to teach us all about it at the dinner table.it definitely made for interesting conversation.

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My older daughters prefer watching The History Channel (DStv 186), especially the shows that align with the topics that they have learnt at school. Showmax, which is available for DStv customers to add to their monthly DStv bill, also has the most beautiful show suitable for family viewing. It is titled: Africa’s Hidden Kingdoms. The children (and us) absorb everything that they watch and learn on this show.

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As a mom, I am always aware of what my kids are watching. While I do allow them to watch their fun cartoons and lighter viewing, I prefer them to consume things with an element of education. I also find myself learning so much when I sit and watch these channels with them.

What do you enjoy watching with your kids on DStv? Let us know by Tweeting us at @DStv.

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