Five rules for dating my Dad – A word with Luna Buckner

The Bachelor’s Luna weighs in on what she’s looking for in a future Mom

If you’re a fan of the Bachelor then you’ve probably heard this season’s Marc Buckner already has someone special in his life. His dog Luna is quickly becoming the talk of the show and, much like her celebrity Dad, is stealing hearts across South Africa.

Like any good family member, Luna has her own ideas of the type of lady her human should bring home. But it’s safe to say her list of requirements might look a bit different to Marc’s. sat down with Luna to find out a bit more about her and who she thinks the perfect match for her Dad would be – here’s what she had to say.

1. Must love family

It’s been just Dad and I for about a year and a half now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been the best 15 months ever, but I think it’s time we adopted another family member or two.

I keep thinking it would be great to have a brother or sister to run and play with all day. And I’m not really fussy – I’d even be open to adopting a cat. Frankly, I don’t know what most other dogs have against cats. I find them intriguing and can’t stop staring at them. Some of them are so fluffy. LOL.

In any case, though my vet tells me I’m an Africanis, Marc seems to think that I am some sort of kangaroo mixed with a wombat and Dobby the house elf. So I guess what I’m saying is – hey I’d be open to new friends of any kind. Big, happy families are the best and I’d really like a Mom that thinks so too.

2. Must be ridiculously smart – seriously

I’m a really quick learner, so I’m looking for a Mom that can keep up. In fact, if I told you I already speak human for sit, stay, lay down, jump, run and eat, you’d never believe I’m not even two years old yet.

Marc really likes a smart woman and I have to say I think he’s on to something. Good communication is the backbone of any healthy relationship and – let’s be honest – who doesn’t love a good bone?

3. Must be easy to train

I have good experience training humans and would ideally like a Mom who knows how to follow some of the basic commands I’ve already taught Marc.

Check it out - one high pitch yelp means it’s time for food, three louder barks signal time for a toilet break and a wiggle with many yelps means I’m handing out free love and cuddles.

You’re welcome!

4. Must love adventure

There’s nothing better than Dad and I heading off on an adventure together. Getting outdoors often is good for the soul and, between you and I, Marc needs to be walked regularly.

I’d be happy to take a new Mom for walks too. In fact, it’s probably easiest if I can walk you both at the same time. That way we can all spend more time together. We can even go on extra walks without Marc when he’s not around.

But you’d have to promise to keep that between us.

5. Must love dogs

They say you should never trust someone that doesn’t like dogs. I have to say I agree. To be honest I’m open to loving anyone who loves both me and my Dad.

Marc and I met in October 2018, but the truth is I think we’re soul mates who have known each other forever and I’m really hoping to find a Mom that feels the same way about me and my Dad. I think love is best expressed through quality time. I for one am not afraid to speak up when I need a little time and attention – and I promise you’ll never be short on love and kisses when I’m around.

P.s. Not sure why Marc had all those ladies building dog houses. LOL – I sleep on the bed!

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