Five School of Laughter highlights waiting for you this week

Laughter is the international language of fun! This week we take a trip around the globe with Swedish, Canadian, French and Danish shows that will delight the little ones… only on DStv

Get ready for an unusual and hilarious line-up this week with School of Laughter. In We Bare Bears: The Movie, we see the trio of friends work together to escape the humans who are always checking in on them.

When Jonah the Bunny’s mother goes to the afterlife, he decides to find her and bring her back in the critically-acclaimed Beyond Beyond. Strange friendships are all the rage with Zig & Sharko, an unusual pair who live together. Things are complicated as Zig the hyena constantly wants to eat Sharko’s girlfriend, a lovely mermaid named Marina.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of new episodes of Top Wing to keep the little ones entertained. And the new season of Shimmer and Shine takes us on new adventures with an new stardust princess.

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We Bare Bears: The Movie

Join Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear as they embark on an adventure to Canada. Trying to escape the controlling eye of the Department of National Wildlife Control, expect plenty of hijinks and hilarity. Sharp-eyed viewers can catch sneaky homages to some of the internet’s favourite animals, including Grumpy Cat, Pizza Rat, Doge and even Katy Perry’s Left Shark. Find out more about this amazing journey here.

Sunday, 29 November on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) at 16:10

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Beyond Beyond

Making its debut at the Berlin International Film Festival, this Swedish-Danish animated film touches on the topic of loss and the afterlife. A young bunny, Jonah, has a good life living in the field with his parents. While his father is away, Jonah’s mother dies suddenly. As what always happens, the Feather King comes to fetch her and take her to the next journey. Unwilling to let go, Johan decides to find her and bring her back. Things look bleak until he finds an old dog that is willing to give Jonah his ticket to the afterlife.

Saturday, 28 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 15:30

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Top Wing S2 – New Episodes

There’s plenty of adventure on Big Swirl Island this week. – luckily Swift, Penny, Brody and Rod are always up for the challenge. When Baddy takes on a plane, Swifts grandfather talks him through the emergency landing. Timmy Turtle ends up on Dilly’s ship and discovers Rod’s stolen accordion.

Monday, 30 November on Nickelodeon (DStv 305) at 06:20

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Shimmer & Shine S4

Get ready for a world of amazing new tales in Zahramay Skies with a new season. Shimmer, Shine and Leah meet a new friend, Adara the Stardust Princess. Zeta wreaks havoc when she enchants her sister’s new zadazzling want. When Zac opens a hotdog stand, Zeta tries using the hotdogs to make her most powerful potion yet.

Monday, 30 November on Nick JR (DStv 307) at 09:05

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Zig and Sharko

A slapstick comedy show chronicles the bizarre relationship between Zig, a brown hyena and Sharko a great white shark. They both live on a volcanic island and have a complicated past as Zig constantly tries to eat Sharko’s mermaid girlfriend, Marina. Using silent comedy, the characters do not speak or use gestures and pictograms to communicate.

Tuesday, 1 December on Boomerang (DStv 302) at 16:15

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