For one of these first dates, the mood is electric!

What happens when you pair a bow-hunter with a vegan? A fund analyst with a newsreader? Is love in the air on First Dates South Africa?

The First Dates restaurant opens its doors to South African singles putting their best selves forward for a blind date in the hope of finding their perfect match. Discreetly placed cameras capture every moment of the action as it unfolds.

Let meet the first dates!

Commitment-phobe Olivia is very picky and as a result, has never had a real relationship. She is looking to break this cycle and is on the hunt for a man who resembles a Norse god! Her date is Shane. Less Chris Hemsworth, and more biker-boy. They share a liking for adrenalin and shooters, and their date changes gears several times with the help of a tequila, or two! Will Shane change the habit of a lifetime and get Olivia to say yes to a second date?

Apart from being a bit of a wine buff, Stellenbosch student CJ is a passionate young man with a witty sense of humour, who is looking for a woman who understands and celebrates him. Will Sonia be that lady? She is a medical student also at Stellenbosch University and CJ’s sense of humour is an instant tonic for conversation. Musical beans and gut-wrenching jokes are the order for their date.

Opera lover Boikanyo wants a woman who shares his taste for the finer things in life. As a fund analyst by day, his world is more numbers than romance. His nerves often get the better of him when it comes to talking to the ladies. Nokwazi is a radio newsreader for a prominent classical station. She has an infectious laugh that helps to break the ice with a shy date. She is looking for a man who reminds her of her father - someone who is a provider and a protector. Boikanyo will need to step up to tick her boxes and get that second date.

Gary is a 50-something entrepreneur who wants someone to grow old with. Chantel is a self-employed go-getter with a passion for life. They both enjoy cycling in their spare time, and as business owners, respect someone with ambition. Will Chantel’s veganism be a deal-breaker for Gary? And will his hobby for bow-hunting be a turn off for Chantel? It’s the classic tale of opposites attract. Or is it?

Angelique’s clock is ticking. If she hasn’t found a man in the next two years she will have a baby by herself. When it comes to relationships she wears the pants. All her friends have men that can cook and clean, so her date better be domesticated and good looking! Cue Chad. Tall, dark and ridiculously handsome. He is an ambitious financial advisor who is done playing the field. He has been unlucky in love because his ex felt he didn’t measure up. Physically that is! The chemistry between Angelique and Chad is electric. They share more than just good looks in common. Their shared life stories makes for an instant connection. Will Chad measure up to Angelique’s demands?

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