Foresight is 2020: DStv’s crystal clear vision for the #newdecade

A new decade is dawning and DStv customers are in for the best entertainment from Africa and the world. Here is sneak peek of everything you can expect from your DStv in 2020.

You no doubt remember Back to the Future II, the popular sequel to the classic flick that catapulted Michael J. Fox to superstardom. Released in 1989 and set in 2015, the film introduced audiences to a future where humans operate remote-controlled litterbins and dog walkers, TV screens replace waiters and Marty McFly rocks size-adjustable, self-drying jackets.

We know now the real 2015 didn’t resemble the one depicted in that movie. What is clear, though, is that the future is now. We are living in days that entertainers of the past pictured for decades. Movies like The Blade Runner (1982), The Running Man (1987) and Edge of Tomorrow (2014) were set in 2019 and depicted a world created by the out-of-this-world imaginations of their scriptwriters and film producers.

Just as these iconic movies were all birthed from the minds of creatives, it’s undeniable that the ringing in of the new decade brings with it limitless possibilities that will stretch our imaginations with more entertainment, more technology, more magical moments and more power to our screens than we ever thought possible.

They say hindsight is 20/20 but at DStv, our foresight for the 2020s is crystal clear - as Africa’s leading storyteller, DStv is committed to maintaining the highest-quality content offering our customers expect. From new channels and brand new shows, to increased local entertainment and even more trending conversation starters, we’ve set up a gigantic year of the most explosive content.

Here is everything you can look forward to in 2020 on DStv:

1. Brand new telenovela for Mzansi Magic

2. Even more local entertainment

3. Taking African stories to the world

4. International content you won’t find anywhere else

5. Your kids’ favourite stop: This is the School of Laughter

It may be the start of a new decade - but at DStv, the promise remains the same. We will remain the trusted source of entertainment for content lovers in South Africa and the rest of the continent, celebrating and investing in homegrown talent while bringing the best of the world to your screens.

With more entertainment than ever before and unmatchable selections for our customers to choose from, we’re ensuring our audience never misses an opportunity to feel every moment with DStv.