Freedom Month viewing tops this week’s factual picks

From unsung heroes to avid explorers, let these historical figures teach you a thing or two – only on DStv.

Celebrate Freedom Month with back-to-back documentaries on History Channel (DStv channel 186). In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali tells the tale of the World’s Greatest – from his beginnings at Columbia Gym in Louisville, Alabama to international fame.

Straight after, the award-winning Salute recounts the role of a white man in a defining moment of the American civil rights movement: the 1968 Black Power Salute. Superbly written, it’s the first time the complete story behind one of the most iconic images of all time is told. With never-before-seen interviews and footage, Salute is an inspiring and timely portrait of three competitors who became brothers.

Flights to Nowhere is a new investigative series that follows the disappearance of flights that never reached their destination. Join lead investigator Wouter Botes on People's Weather (DStv channel 180) for mysteries untold and cases unsolved.

This Wildlife Wednesday is an incredible exploration of India in Wildest India. From the epic Himalayan Mountains to the mighty River Ganges, there’s plenty of colour and beauty awaiting you on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185).

Enjoy programming with an educational slant? DStv’s got just what you need with a full slate of factual features.

To highlight the struggles of the world’s heroes who fought for the abolishment of slavery and colonialism, History Channel (DStv channel 186) has an array of amazing factual films and documentary series airing every Saturday throughout April, with two airing back-to-back this week.

In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali (Documentary)

The first of a new biography film series, In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali followers the world-famous boxer’s rise from the Columbia Gym in Louisville, Alabama to international fame. Illuminating Ali’s profound impact on both culture and history, the film is a close look at how a polarising figure transcended his athletic achievements to become a beloved and honoured hero.

Saturday, 17 April at 20:15

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Salute (Documentary)

This award-winning film recounts the role of the white man in the defining moment of the American civil rights movement – the 1968 Black Power Salute. After US Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos, and Australian silver medallist Peter Norman, raised their fists on the victory dais following the Olympic 200-metre final in Mexico City, the men were reprimanded by the authorities. Smith and Carlos were banished from the United States Olympic team and subjected to abuse and death threats, while Norman was never allowed to run for his country again. In Salute, Norman’s nephew, Matt Norman, tells the complete story and paints a timely portrait of the three competitors who became brothers through one brave act.

Saturday, 17 April at 21:05

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More Freedom Month highlights


Flights to Nowhere

In a new investigative series, we follow the disappearance of a mysterious plane in southern Africa. Join lead investigator Wouter Botes in each episode as he delves deep into the disappearance of flights that never reached their destination.

Monday, 19 April on People's Weather (DStv channel 180) at 18:00

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Wildest India

This Wildlife Wednesday, explore the incredible wildlife and colourful beauty of India's most spectacular landscapes – from the epic Himalayan Mountains to the mighty River Ganges.

Wednesday, 21 April on Curiosity Channel (DStv channel 185) at 18:00

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Kobe, The Life of a Legend (Documentary)

A celebrated basketball legend, Kobe Bryant’s legacy will be celebrated for lifetimes to come. After his untimely death in a helicopter crash, which also took the life of his teenage daughter, this documentary paints a portrait of the basketball champion and loving father.

From Friday, 16 April on Showmax 

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