Fun starts here with these great new shows for the kiddies this week

A big world of adventure comes to your living room this week. From snowy plains to amazing world of food, it’s all waiting for you on DStv

DStv’s School of Laughter is ready to keep your kids entertained and educated this week.

Looking at humans in a different light, Small Foot will have the whole family in stitches as a group of yeti’s look for the mythical hairless creature beyond their world.

The best way to learn is through fun-filled activities and this is just what’s in store with these three amazing shows: How To Do Stuff GoodCalvin & Kaison’s Play Power and Food: Delicious Science.

And for those who loved the original, Just Add Magic Mystery City is a fun new way to explore Bay City.

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Here’s a taste of what you can expect this week:

Small Foot

There are always two sides to every story – and this fun-filled family movie showcases a different side to the mysterious Yeti. Migo (voiced by Channing Tatum) is a yeti who is often laughed at by his tribe because of his belief that strange creatures known as ‘small foot’ do indeed exist. Joined by his fellow members of the S.E.S (Smallfoot Evidentiary Society), he embarks on a journey to find these elusive and dangerous beings. With talented stars such as James Corden, Zendaya, Common, Lebron James, Danny Devito, Gina Rodriguez and Yara Shahidi lending their voices, this tale about the search for humans is funny and poignant.

Saturday, 21 November on M-Net (DStv 101) at 15:30

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Calvin & Kaison’s Play Power S1

You’re invited into the anarchic, unpredictable and frequently impossible world of Calvin and Kaison. The adventurous twins love to learn, explore and ask questions. See where play is the ultimate superpower and any problem can be solved with imagination, irreverence and inspiration.

Monday, 23 November on Nick JR (DStv 307) at 07:17

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How To Do Stuff Good

Hosted by a zany bunch of school-aged kids, each with their own story to tell and lessons to share, this hilarious series demonstrates how to do a manner of amazing things from arts and crafts to cooking and pranks.

Friday, 20 November on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 15:55

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Food: Delicious Science

Using state-of-the-art photography and ground-breaking CGI, this series uncovers the secret world behind the taste of food. It explores evolutionary roots of our most powerful cravings, with colourful human stories of culinary culture.

Sunday, 22 November on Da Vinci (DStv 318) at 22:00 

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Just Add Magic Mystery City S1

A spin off of the awesome Just Add Magic series, the magic cookbook has three new protectors. Zoe, Leo and Ish are ready to take on any adventure as the cookbook unlocks centuries of historical mystery that often leads them to new places in Bay City.

Monday, 23 November on Nickelodeon (DStv 305) at 18:55

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