Get ready for a host of new and returning shows on DStv Access this June

As the days get cooler, the entertainment available to DStv Access customers is only getting hotter. Here’s what to watch this June.

National Geographic Wild (182)

Hunter vs. Hunted

We think we're the ultimate predators, but this fascinating series reveals exactly where we stand on the food chain. Increasingly wild animals are hunting us, and the reasons they attack people are often surprising. The series investigates selective animal attacks on humans, using the latest in forensic technology and scientific discovery to deconstruct and analyse some of the most startling incidents on record. The results will blow your mind.
Monday 8 June on National Geographic Wild (182) at 18:00

Disney Junior (309)

Bluey S1

Kids will fall in love with the six-year-old Australian puppy named Bluey, who takes on the world with a healthy dose of energy, imagination and curiosity. Bluey lives with her mom, dad and younger sister, Bingo, who frequently joins Bluey on her amazing adventures. While doing so, the two learn valuable lessons about family and growing up that all young viewers will find entertaining and informative.
Monday 15 June on Disney Junior (309) at 16:00

Cartoon Network (301)

Moa Moa: Heroes of Pure Heart S1

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart follows the heroic and often haphazard efforts of Sheriff Mao Mao, cyborg slacker Badgerclops and the adorable sidekick Adorabat as they fight monstrous villains and everything in between. This brand-new show comes to Cartoon Network (301) and falls under DStv’s School of Laughter, a platform created to entertain kids of all ages.
Monday 15 June on Cartoon Network (301) at 15:55

Telemundo (118)

Iron Rose S2

The formidable Iron Rose, Altagracia Sandoval, has become a mere legend to her enemies ever since she suddenly vanished. But when her former lover goes missing too, she comes out of hiding and returns to Mexico to solve his disappearance. Before she can do that, however, she will have to face the charges that she avoided when she fled the country and confront her vengeful enemies. Her path will also cross that of a gang that is known for killing women. Helping her on her journey is Leon Contreras, the man who could open her heart to love.
Monday 22 June on Telemundo (118) at 20:00


Discovery Family (136)

Fish or Die S1

Don’t try this at home … rather watch them do it! Four friends – Chris, Brian, Thad and Jay – venture into some of the most remote and dangerous places on Earth to go fishing where nobody else has ever dared. From glacial streams in Greenland to raging rapids in Borneo, they chase giant fish in treacherous waters in this eye-popping docuseries. See how they work together in impossible situations and locations to make a catch under gruelling conditions.
Mondays on Discovery Family (136) at 21:50

Star Life (167)

Call for a Hero

Samra is an innocent, happy go lucky girl who meets and falls in love with Fahad, the son of a feudal lord. The two marry and live a good life but Samra battles to adjust to the feudal system because she lived a modern life. When her husband is killed, her life is turned upside down.
Saturdays and Sundays on Star Life (167) at 21:00


TLC (135)

Say Yes to the Dress Lancashire S2

Super stylist Gok Wan is back to help more brides in the north of England find their perfect wedding gown, which they’re almost guaranteed to find at Ava Rose Hamilton bridal boutique! And there’s no request too outlandish and no drama too extreme for Gok – because if his client’s dream dress doesn’t already exist, he’ll work with the team to create it. From the bride who’s tried on more than 200 dresses to the matriarch who is determined to have her say, Gok navigates it all with calm and poise to ensure each bride has her fairytale ending.
Sunday 7 June on TLC (135) at 18:00

Amy Schumer Learns to Cook

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer and husband, chef Chris Fischer, are quarantined at home on Martha's Vineyard with their baby Gene. Filmed while in lockdown, the two prepare meals from their pantry. Amy admits she’s not great in the kitchen, but she can mix up a wicked cocktail! Tune in for movie night recipes, brunch inspiration and a barrel of laughs.
Monday 8 June on TLC (135) at 21:00


90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way 2

They say that love has no boundaries. But for the international couples in this series, their love is put well and truly to the test as American residents pack up their lives to move in with their loved ones who live more than an ocean away. Complicating matters are cultural differences, language barriers and distraught parents. Will the couples’ love be strong enough to withstand the challenges facing them as they embark on their new life together?
Tuesday 16 June on TLC (135) at 20:00


The Home Channel (176)

Donna Hay – Back to Brilliance Kids S1

Cookbook author, Donna Hay embarks on the ultimate food adventure with a group of little cooks starring along the way. Donna takes simple recipes that kids adore and gives them her signature, healthy makeover. Each episode features a fun-filled kid’s adventure, from sleepovers and surf safaris to backyard cinema nights, as Donna introduces kids to the magical world of cooking with tasty meals and better-for-you-snacks.
Monday 8 June on The Home Channel (176) at 18:00


Unboxed with Nikki Chu S1

In this brand-new show, celebrity designer Nikki Chu helps homeowners transform their space from outdated and dysfunctional to beautiful and on point – in two days. In each episode, Nikki presents two mystery boxes, each box containing design elements that represent two different designs. The homeowners are then allowed to choose one box, and from its contents, Nikki will base all of her design decisions.
Tuesday 9 June on The Home Channel (176) at 19:30


Great Escapes With Colin and Justin S1

You may not be able to leave your house right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t daydream about your next trip. Get some inspiration from international designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan as they explore country retreats in the US wilderness. From hidden cabins surrounded by water to stunning eco-homes, this series will truly provide you with a great escape, while teaching you about architecture and sustainability.
Monday 22 June on The Home Channel (176) at 19:30


FOX Life (126)

Shadows From the Past

In what seems as a Romeo and Juliet story, this series follows two rival families living in the village of Santa Lucía, the Mendozas and the Alococers, who are involved in a whirlwind of passion, pain, and revenge. Severiano Mendoza and Candela Santana are a rich and powerful couple who live at the ranch, "Las Ánimas", along with their young son, Cristóbal. Roberta and Raymundo Alcocer have a daughter named Alonza. However, they do not enjoy the same luxuries as the Mendoza family, which causes frustration and resentment in Roberta as nothing is enough to fill the inferiority complex that follows her like a shadow.
Monday 1 June on FOX Life (126) at 17:30


Road to Destiny

Luisa Fernanda Pérez, a beautiful, 18-year-old student, has two passions: mastering the violin and gardening, a skill she inherited from her father, Pedro, the former groundskeeper of the wealthy Altamirano family's estate. A chance encounter with destiny alters her life when she is injured in a car accident caused by Luis (her biological father), a playboy lawyer. In the process, Luisa falls for his stepson, Carlos, the attractive, young doctor who treats her in hospital.
Monday 1 June on FOX Life (126) at 18:20


Secrets at the Hotel

A young man of humble origins travels to the Grand Hotel on the outskirts of the San Cristóbal Tlaxico village to visit his sister Cristina who works as the floor supervisor. There, Julio discovers that more than a month after being dismissed for allegedly stealing from the hotel, she has disappeared from everyone’s memory. He decides to stay on as a waiter to investigate her disappearance but does not expect the love, mystery, death and betrayal that follow.
Wednesday 3 June on FOX Life (126) at 20:45


Along Came Love

This enchanting telenovela follows the beautiful Luciana. After being deported, she returns to the US to reunite with the only family she has left: her mother and brother. But her world is soon to expand because when she arrives at the vineyard where her family has worked for many years, she meets David, the landowner. Despite their vast differences, they two are drawn to each other and find something completely unexpected: love.
Tuesday 9 June on FOX Life (126) at 20:45

Mzanzi Wethu (163)

The Queen S3

This popular local telenovela returns with more drama and more surprises than ever before, and is now available to Access subscribers on Mzanzi Wethu. Follow the lives of two families involved in a life of crime and luxury. The two family leaders, Harriet and Gracious are often at loggerheads with the police and the community.
Monday 1 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 21:00

Imoto Yoofufa

A young man's desperation to own a fancy car leads him down a dangerous path when he purchases his boss's wife's stolen car.
Thursday 4 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 17:00


A dedicated young wife's life spirals out of control when she discovers her husband's infidelities.
Thursday 11 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 17:00


A young woman is getting married and her adoptive father is delighted. However, when her biological father arrives, a battle between the two fathers begins.
Thursday 18 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 17:00

Icala Lami

A woman is released from prison after being falsely accused of murder. She tries to piece together her life, while dealing with an unruly daughter.
Thursday 25 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 17:00


Housekeepers S2

After the death of someone very dear to her, Linda, played by Thando Thabethe, goes undercover as a house helper to a very wealthy couple residing in Fourways, Johannesburg. The Zwide family has a family of secrets and Linda vows to learn the truth behind her mother’s “accidental death” while working as a maid to the very same couple. With Zikhona Sodlaka (Grassroots), Nthati Moshesh (Lockdown), and Clementine Mosimane (Black Tax).
Monday 29 June on Mzansi Wethu (163) at 20:00


Universal TV (117)


Stephen Dorff is back in a lead role as badass cop Bill Hollister who is thrown into the role of Sheriff of Los Angeles County when his superior dies. Used to breaking the rules to put baddies behind bars, Bill struggles to conform to the political and bureaucratic confines that comes with management. David Ayer, who directed Suicide Squad and penned the screenplay for Training Day is the executive producer behind this gritty cop drama. Watch the first two episodes which he personally directed.
Mondays on Universal TV (117) at 20:00


Mark Harmon stars as season 15 of the hit drama continues. Torres and Sloane protect a US senator in Afghanistan, but must return to the US when they learn the senator's son is in the ICU. A Naval lawyer who appeared to have a normal life is found dead by her parents in an apparent suicide, and when the body of a missing Navy commander is found, Gibbs and the team are ordered to work with a former FBI agent.
Wednesdays on Universal TV (117) at 20:05


kykNET & kie (145)


The turbulent lives of the students, parents and teachers at Arendsvlei High School make for captivating viewing each week. Set on the Cape Flats at fictional semi-private high school Arendsvlei, this engrossing drama has held viewers spellbound since it first started in October 2018.
Monday to Wednesday on kykNET & kie (145) at 20:00


Op Seer se Spoor S2

Investigating crime stories and giving a voice to victims and their families is a difficult task, but Kuier journalist and TV personality Ernusta Maralack sees it as her privilege and an honour in this real-life crime doccie series.
Fridays on kykNET & kie (145) at 20:30


Moja Love (157)

Abafundisi S1

We're introduced to Abafundisi, a reality show that chronicles different pastors with different beliefs from their work within the church to their personal lives at home. From controversial “men of the cloth” who use insect-killing spray Doom to drive away demons, to clerics with questionable relationships with their congregants, we’re introduced to all kinds on this Moja Love series.
Thursdays on Moja Love (157) at 21:30

Ufelani S4

Settle in for more South African true-crime stories in the fourth season of this heart-breaking docu-drama series. Viewers can share in the tearful tales and all the emotion as people who were the victims of violent crimes get a chance to share exactly what happened to them. Told by the survivors of family and friends of the victims or the investigating officers of the crime, cases are re-enacted, helping viewers to have a visceral experience of reliving the crime as seen through the eyes of those who had to endure it. Ufelani deals with the scourge of femicide, domestic violence and abuse cases that more often than not lead to death or leaving the survivors having to carry the trauma for the rest of their lives.
Starts Thursday 4 June on Mojo Love (157) at 21:30

Hhayibo Mnakwethu S1

So many questions are in need of answers in this local drama series. Two women, Hlengiwe and Nthabiseng struggle to make peace with the fact that they’ve married the same man – Bhekizizwe. Especially Hlengiwe is livid about having to share a man, but as a traditionalist she must accept that all her marriage problems are connected to Bhekizizwe’s long-standing relationship with Nthabiseng as the other woman.
Starts Saturday 6 June on Moja Love (157) at 19:30

VIA (147)

Myne Vir Joune S1

In this brand-new Afrikaans reality series each episode will see two members from two different South African families suddenly find themselves in a brand-new and unsettling situation … each other’s homes! Watch as two family members change what they’re used to and switch it up for a whole new lifestyle and surroundings – taking on new roles, new responsibilities and new frustrations and challenges as they go live for four days with a new family.
Tuesdays on VIA (147) at 20:30

Besigheid Wat Saakmaak S1

In this new Afrikaans magazine show, presenters Rozanne McKenzie and Anton Schmidt take a deeper look at business – at all levels – as the heartbeat of modern South African society. Rozanne and Anton share uplifting stories of businesses and business owners who have made, and continue to make, a big difference in South Africa and across their communities – real change that goes far beyond just giving money.
Wednesdays on VIA (147) at 08:30

Klankbord S2 from 29 May 17:30

Your senses will continue to collide in the brand-new second season of this Afrikaans foodie magazine show. Music and culinary creations blend in a beautiful visual symphony as local musicians and South African chefs combine their talents. In every episode, a different local musician embarks on a mini roadtrip to visit a local restaurant where a chef then takes on the challenge of interpreting the musician’s most popular songs and turns it into a fantastic plated food creation. You won’t believe your ears or your eyes as you stare at the magical creativity on display in South Africa!
Fridays on VIA (147) at 17:30

Mal, Mooi Troues S1

In this brand-new Afrikaans lifestyle show starting this month, the lovely and talented Lynzie Kent and her team work together to create the most beautiful wedding receptions. Lynzie uses the wedding couple’s romantic love stories as the inspiration to craft very special weddings for her clients – with phenomenal results!
Monday 1 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Konings van Kitskos S5

The presenting duo of actor Alvin Bruinders and singer Gerhard Steyn are back for a 5th season of this Afrikaans lifestyle food show that is all about fast food. They drop by a whole new crop of fascinating South African restaurants and fast food places. They meet die owners and chefs, taste the delicious menu items and take viewers on a delicious journey to good fast food and wonderful characters inside restaurant kitchens you never knew existed.
Tuesday 2 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Die Bruid Boetiek S1

Getting married and need some help to go from drab to fab? The South African wedding stylist Diaan Daniels is back on VIA as the presenter of this brand-new Afrikaans lifestyle reality series. The bridal designer of Diaan Daniels Couture helps couples getting married in this new series to find the perfect looks and outfits for their big day. Brides, grooms, bridesmaids, moms and even matric girls looking for matric farewell dresses are all getting fashion help and advice from Diaan and his glam squad to look their best.
Thursday 4 June on VIA (147) at 17:30

Ignition (189)

Ignition GT S12

Rev those engines and honk your horns for the new man in the driver’s seat at Ignition GT, Francisco Nwamba. Buckle up for the new 12th season of this South African show that starts this month that continues to give viewers the lowdown on all the latest car news from the local and international motoring circuit. From banter-filled studio discussions to in-depth reviews, you don’t need to watch anything else to get all the information you need on what’s happening and speeding in the world of petrolheads.
Saturday 6 June on Ignition TV (189) at 10:30


Don’t Drive Here S1

Yes, yes. You think the traffic’s bad where you live. Well, strap in with a snack and a cushion on the couch and get ready for incredible “joy-stress” viewing when you tune in to see the places where the traffic is the worst in the world and the people trying to drive there. Every episode in this reality series visits a different country where it’s an absolute horror to be on the road during rush-hour traffic. See how people tackle all kinds of zany driving challenges in the worst driving cities on Earth with the ultimate goal of learning to drive better than a professional driver.
Saturday 6 June on Ignition TV (189) at 19:00


Nicktoons (308)

Monsters vs Aliens S1

Dreamworks’ 2009 film Monsters vs. Aliens has now been turned into a delightful animation series fit for the whole family. B.O.B. is a brainless blob, Link is a prehistoric fish-man, Dr Cockroach is a mad scientist and then there’s the Incredible growing woman, Susan. Together they learn to get along with each other in a whole new world as they work alongside a bizarre and outrageous group of aliens at Area Fifty-Something, a secret underground base. The creatures are adorable and the monsters show the power of teamwork as they work together to defend Earth from various alien and supernatural threats.
Tuesdays on Nicktoons (308) at 12:20

The Fairly Odd Parents S3

This popular kids’ show has been around since 2001 and comes packed with hours of laughter, fun and life lessons your kids are sure to love. Follow the adventures of Timmy Turner, a 10-year-old boy who happens to have two fairy godparents called Cosmo and Wanda.
Weekends on NickToons (308) at 20:10


SpongeBob SquarePants S1
Go back to the very early days of the life of this adorable cartoon character and his quirky friends. SpongeBob SquarePants lives in Bikini Bottom and is always up to hilarious antics, accompanied by his bubblegum pink starfish sidekick, Patrick.
Saturdays on Nicktoons (308) at 12:15


Danny Phantom S3

Before he became the ghost-hunting superhero, Danny Fentin was an ordinary kid who accidentally blew up his parents’ lab and he mutated with paranormal powers and became Danny Phantom. Danny and Vlad’s game of pranks ends up with Vlad deciding to run for mayor, much to Danny’s displeasure.
Mondays on NickToons (308) at 16:00

Dorg van Dango

This comedy examines life through the thick-lensed glasses of a 13-year-old boy named Dorg Van Dango. After discovering a motley crew of supernatural beings who escaped while being transported to a secret holding facility (Area 51), Dorg disguises them as teenagers and befriends them. Under his wing, the creatures quickly learn there is more to life than haunting and scaring unsuspecting humans.
Special weekend 7 June on NickToons (308) at 16:00

Boomerang (302)

Kingdom Force S1

Pre-schoolers everywhere will literally jump for joy watching this brand-new animation series. Aimed at kids between two and six years of age, episodes follow five mighty animal heroes, each with their own cultural background and traditions, who serve and protect the citizens of five animal kingdoms, led by their fearless wolf-leader Luka. They have some help in the form of their awesome and amazing, multi-coloured rescue vehicles that can all combine to form the giant rescue robot Alpha-Mech. The show merges children’s love of action heroes, animals, vehicles and robots and teaches them about teamwork and the strength of diversity.
Weekdays on Boomerang (302) at 15:10


Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz S3

Season 3 starts with a four-part episode, The Return of the Silver Slippers, in which Dorothy confides in Ozma that the ruby slippers are acting up and the Wicked Witch of the West is back! Now everyone in Oz who ever opposed, doubted or betrayed her is in for a little payback and the land of Oz is terrified. With the Wizard’s help, Dorothy enters the mysterious, dark realm of the Wicked Witch’s castle, with Toto, to recover the ruby slippers and restore Oz to its peaceful state.
Saturdays on Boomerang (302) at 17:20


Moka’s Fabulous Adventures S1

Moka, the King of the Savannah’s son, a naive and reckless little crocodile, leaves home one day to go explore his vast kingdom. Cherry, a brave rhinoceros from the Royal Guard is sent along to insure his protection. But much to her despair, Moka’s insatiable curiosity and impulsive behavior are constantly getting them into trouble!
Saturdays on Boomerang (302) at 17:10

National Geographic (181)

X-Ray Earth S1

Beneath our feet, under trillions of tons of rock, lurk astonishing and deadly secrets. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are all driven by hidden forces deep inside our planet. Now, using the latest scientific data from sensors and surface scans, we can x-ray the Earth to reveal the dangers locked inside our planet. Using thousands of sensors and state of the art surface scan information, for the first time, we can create x-rays of the deep interior of our planet.
Wednesdays on National Geographic (181) at 21:00


Airport Security: Peru & Brazil

This season features four episodes, each at two of Latin America's biggest airports: Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez and Brazil's Paulo-Guarulhos. Police are on high alert. Their main challenges: illegal immigration and the trafficking of cocaine. From hidden compartments and ingested capsules to fake documents, officers work 24/7 to protect their borders and stop criminals in their tracks. Watch the action from behind the scenes.
Thursdays on National Geographic (181) at 19:00


Wicked Tuna S9

Three new Captains arrive in Gloucester with one goal – to defeat the local fleet. But they have their work cut out for them challenging the battle-proven Gloucester captains. Five-time champion Captain Dave Carraro of feels the pressure as he fights to win another title, and the Gloucester captains and crews rally with and against him for bragging rights to their turf. In a fast-paced season, the brawl for bluefin comes down to the final fish, and a stunning finish for the season’s victor.
Mondays on National Geographic (181) at 20:00


Science of Stupid S8

Dallas Campbell hosts the show that combines serious science with some of the craziest, most spectacular user-generated clips ever recorded. In each programme we show 40 to 50 clips of misadventure: ordinary folk making extraordinary mistakes and paying the price. We analyse the science behind the mishaps, with the help of bespoke animation and super slow-motion cinematography.
Mondays on National Geographic (181) at 19:00


Kingdom of the Mummies S1

This brand-new series led by Dr Ramadan Hussein; a team of archaeologists unearthed a discovery of a lifetime: a fully intact burial complex buried deep beneath the sand. Watch as the team finds clues and answers to the ancient custom of mummification.
Friday 5 June on National Geographic (181) at 20:00

Travel Channel (179)

The Alaska Triangle

An area surrounded by remote mountains, impenetrable forests and unexplored waters; the Alaska Triangle is shrouded in mystery. Alaska is the most sparsely populated state in America and the unusual activity recorded there is sky-high. Coming up in this series, experts and eyewitnesses attempt to unlock the obscurities linked to The Last Frontier. From a cryptozoologist investigating the ape-like beast rumoured to be responsible for a string of disappearances, to locals’ experiences of possible alien activity – what is the real reason for over 16 000 people vanishing in the rugged Alaskan wilderness?
Tuesdays on Travel Channel (179) at 20:15


Ghost Nation S1

Paranormal pioneers Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango respond to urgent calls from ghost hunters who have been left mystified by terrifying residential cases in this chilling series. Armed with the latest technology, a meticulous methodology and local contacts, the team tracks down the source of unexplained phenomena to solve each intriguing case.
Tuesdays on Travel Channel (179) 21:10

Lost in the Wild S1

Can they find them? Those dense jungles, deep seas, mountain ranges and vast deserts hide a lot of things – including people who went missing on big adventures. In this brand-new series with eight episodes, the veteran explorers J.J. Kelley and Kinga Philipps go in search of people who mysteriously went missing. They reopen these travel cold-cases, investigating the most-fascinating missing person cases on Earth. Watch as they follow the leads wherever it might take them … often into heart-pounding situations that severely test their limits and endurance.
Wednesday 3 June on Travel Channel (179) at 20:15


Mysteries at The Museum

History enthusiast Don Wildman is on a quest to solve the world’s greatest mysteries in this compelling series. From historical institutions to unexplored archives, he sets out to unearth extraordinary relics and sinister artefacts that reveal incredible secrets from the past. Coming up this season, Don’s cases include a roadside repair on the surface of the moon, a pair of opera-loving sisters who took on the Nazis, the mystery behind an Alaskan ghost ship, and a map of an island shrouded in mystery. Through compelling interviews, rare archival footage and dramatic reconstructions, the series illuminates the hidden treasures at the heart of history’s most incredible triumphs, sensational crimes and bizarre encounters.
Starts Thursday 11 June on Travel Channel at 20:15

Zee World (166)

Our Perfect Place

Follow the lives of the Mehta family. Govardhan Mehta and his wife Ila dream of the family all living together in harmony under one roof. But it’s not that easy as the relationships between family members are strained.
Daily on Zee World (166) at 18:00


Supriya blames Pooja for her son’s death and comes together with Neelima to make sure that she loses the elections. Pooja tries to warn Naren about him being in danger but he ignores her. Pooja realises the only way to protect Naren is to lie. Naren is kidnapped by Rahul and Angraj, he hires a plastic surgeon and steals Naren’s identity.
Daily on Zee World (166) at 19:00


Gangaa has a difficult life when she becomes a widow on the day of her marriage. She later falls in love with her childhood friend Sagar, but things are not as they seem and although he loves her back, they have to deal with being separated.
Daily on Zee World (166) at 20:00

Twist of Fate

Sarla Arora, who runs a marriage hall, hopes to see her daughters, Pragya and Bulbul, married. The sisters have their own dreams and ambitions but it all changes when Purab and Abhi enter their lives.
Daily on Zee World (166) at 21:00

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