Ghouls, ghosts and beautiful beasts meet this week

These 3 shows will take you from alternate worlds to mysterious towns where strange things lurk in the dark.

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Legacies S2

We fell completely head over heels for the Salvatore brothers when we first learned about Mystic Falls in the fantasy series, Vampire Diaries. And although we met the OG vampire Klaus and his clan the Mikaelson’s, we got the wonderful spin-off The Originals that gave us one epic back story into the life of the world’s oldest blood suckers. The series follows Hope Mikaelson – Klaus’s tribrid (vampire/werewolf hybrid) daughter as she navigates her life and powers at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls.

Starts Friday 20 March on M-Net City (115) at 20:00


Westworld S3

Our favourite sci-fi series just returned for its third season a week ago and we are eager to dive right back into Westworld since we’ve waited 18 months for season three. In the first episode Doroles (Evan Rachel Wood), now in neo-Los Angeles, develops a relationship with Caleb (Aaron Paul) and learns the truth about how androids are treated out in the real world. Each episode title in season three are all vague metaphors and while episode two is titled ‘The Winter Line’, HBO has been pretty much tight-lipped on what to expect.



Noughts and Crosses S1

This TV adaptation of Malorie Blackman's 2001 novel of the same name stars Peaky Blinders alum, Jack Rowan, UK-based rapper Stormzy and South African-born actress Masali Baduza. Callum (a nought) and Sephy (a cross) are two childhood friends who develop a romantic relationship, but they are forbidden of doing so due to the racial segregation between noughts and crosses. Crosses (black people) are the superior race, while noughts (white people) are the slaves. The series was filmed on location in South Africa. In this episode, Albion celebrates midsummer while Lekan stops at nothing to get revenge on Callum. Jude takes desperate measures to prove himself to Dorn.


Westworld keeps getting better and South Africans are making waves in the international screens.

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