Godfather of Harlem coming to 1Magic

Coming October 2019

Forrest Whittaker, multi-award-winning actor, producer and director, known for his groundbreaking, unforgettable performances in films like The Crying Game, Platoon, The Butler, Arrival and The Last King of Scotland is coming to 1Magic in October in a series where each episode feels like a movie – Godfather of Harlem.

Based on a true story and set against the 1960s civil rights movement in America, Whittaker plays Bumpy Johnson, who returns to Harlem, following a decade behind bars, prepared to chase “the American dream, by any means necessary”. He quickly realises that his rising associate, Malcolm X (Nigel Thatch) and he are on the same road to different goals and that, if he works the situation correctly, he can broker mutually beneficial arrangements to take back the turf he lost while he was behind bars. His most menacing antagonist comes in the form of Mafia mobster, Vincent Gigante (Vincent D’Onofrio) who remains dogged in his determination to retain his, now increased turf, despite everything that may be happening in the world around him, telling Bumpy, “Times have changed, I haven’t.”

According to Whitaker, “The combination of looking at the criminal world and the intersection with the civil rights movement and the politics of the day is really interesting.” We’ve enjoyed a sneak-peek of the show and can confirm that the intersect is indeed interesting but what happens because of it, story-wise, brought to life by a cast that holds nothing back and produced in gorgeous cinematic quality, delivers a series that is unmissable! So keep checking back for more information and make some space in your diary in October!