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If you’re a fan of animated films such as Disney's ‘Mulan’ and “Sleeping Beauty”, then Little Hero on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) will charm your socks off with its tale of a little boy on a mission to save his father from a mystical and dangerous creature.

Better watch your back, because Coop & Cam Ask the World is back on Disney (DStv Channel 303)! It’s been a while since we got to laugh at our nifty web series duo, with their English accents and quirky characters. Things start on a crazy note, when copycat channels are popping up everywhere. How will Coop and Cam respond? Read more here.

Grab your web shooters, you’re about to return to the totally dangerous new world of Spider-Man: Maximum Venom on Disney (DStv Channel 303). In a world where power and popularity are everything, there’s unlimited mayhem as our resident super-her finds himself out of his league.

Parents and kids rejoice - there are new episodes of your households' favourite shows. Get ready for all new shoes from Hey Duggee on CBeebies (DStv 303), Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures on Disney Jr (DStv Channel 303) and The Adventures of Paddington on Nick JR (DStv Channel 309) just to name a few.

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Little Hero

Saturday’s movie is a fantastic family-friendly animated feature inspired by the tradition of classic values and beliefs. Filled with lots of adventure sequences, fans of superhero fare like the ones that have been pumped out by Disney lately should find a lot to like about this film. After awakening the evil giant, Asura, a young boy must embark on a quest to save his father from the monster.

Saturday, 27 February on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 16:05

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Coop & Cam Ask the World S2

Coop and Cami, the awesome hosts of the iconic web series Ask The World are back at it again with brand new episodes. But this time, they are getting serious about their rival show, ‘Ask the World 2’. What's even worse is that the host of A2W2 is a person they went to high school with! Coop and Cami have to find a way to create better videos than A2W2 or else their show will be canceled by their boss, Mr. Farmer. With plenty of new and old characters together with engaging storylines, you won't regret watching Coop and Cami as they take on their new competition.

Monday, 1 March on Disney (DStv Channel 303) at 17:25

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Spider-Man: Maximum Venom S3

Peter puts up a good fight but Venom is just too much for him and things start to go bad. Peter starts to become overwhelmed in his mind. His confidence in himself has him thinking that he can beat Venom with these powers he has been given. He may have beaten Eddie Brock the new Venom, but will he be able to handle something more like the original Venom?

Monday, 1 March on Disney (DStv Channel 303) at 19:05

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New Episodes!

Love them or hate them, these shows know how to bring big entertainment right into the lounge. So, sit back and enjoy fresh new episodes to keep kids of all ages amused.


Hey Duggee: S3

Hey Duggee is a pre-school animated series involving an adventurous Red Squirrel named Duggee and the Squirrel Scouts. Fans of the TV show can join in the fun with this coloured sticker activity book featuring Duggee and his furry friends Scout Fluff, Scout Timmy, Scout Daisy and Scoutmaster Lumpus. Packed with children's favourite characters from the TV series, including splish splash squirrels Ziggy, Coco and Tessie, this book will provide hours of fun for Hey Duggee fans young and old.

Friday, 26 February on CBeebies (DStv Channel 306) at 17:55

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Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures S3

Join Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto and Chip 'n Dale as they navigate Hot Dog Hills: a charming neighborhood where everyone loves to celebrate. This time around the gang is serving up a new look that's "mixed-up" with lots of visual twists. Mixed-Up Mickey can't wait to meet his neighbors like Chip 'n Dale's Tall Tale or Goofy's Music Mix, and he’s crazy about the latest additions to the neighborhood. In fact, this pup has such a good time, he even gets mixed-up in Daisy's Dance Party!

Monday, 1 March on Disney JR (DStv Channel 309) at 07:30

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The Adventures of Paddington S1

On an adventure across the pond, Paddington is happily reliving some of his escapades with the Brown family in London. And though he’s always eager to begin a new day filled with reading and using his imagination, he’s equally happy to share his worldly findings with those who await word at home.

Monday, 1 March on Nick Jr (DStv Channel 307) at 09:05

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