Weekdays on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30
Weekdays on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30

Heather Tom talks wedding bells and Bills on Bold this November

Wedding bells are ringing on Bold as Katie and Thorne prepare to say their “I Do’s” – and not even Bill can stop them

The Bold & The Beautiful’s Katie Logan Spencer (Heather Tom) deserves some happiness. “There is always drama surrounding her love life,” says Heather. “She is always the odd one out in the Logan family, and most of the times ended up with the wrong guys.” Katie has had two failed marriages with Forrester enemy number-one, Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), and a steamy affair with his son, Wyatt (Darin Brookes), but now she has found her Prince Charming, Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher), and the two are tying the knot on Friday, 13 November on Eva (DStv 141) at 17:30.

“Once Thorne came back to town in 2017 (2018 in South Africa), there was an immediate attraction,” says Heather. “At first, Katie didn’t want to acknowledge it because she was having so much fun with her relationship with Wyatt. But she was finding that attraction [to Thorne] hard to ignore. Then, as soon as she realised that it couldn’t really go anywhere with Wyatt because he was her ex-son-in-law and the half-brother to her son, Will (Finnegan George), she was free to explore her attraction to Thorne.”

Their feelings quickly developed into something beautiful, and now there is wedding. “I truly believe Katie is in her happiest place she’s been in long while. This is her time to shine,” says Heather.

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The ex-factor

But you can bet that there will be big, Bold drama when Katie's ex-hubby, Bill, learns of the wedding. He tries to surprise Katie with a custody battle a few days before she walks down the aisle. “Bill hasn’t been the perfect dad,” says Heather. “There is a void in Will’s life because his father, Bill, has been neglecting him. At least Thorne loves being a surrogate father for Will.”

The custody battle weighs heavy on Katie’s shoulders. “Bill is a powerful man, and when he sets his mind to stop someone from doing something, he can make life really difficult for that person. He is a ‘take no prisoners’ kind of guy, so there is pretty much no limit to what he will do, including perhaps trying to take full custody of Will. That is something that would crush Katie’s heart,” adds the actress.

Grumpy Bill is pulling out all the stops to get custody of Will before the wedding. “It’s like a big slap in his face as he now knows that he can now be replaced by another man in Will’s life. He is going to go out of his way to make life difficult for Katie and Thorne before their wedding,” says Heather.

Bill can’t always get what he wants, though, and when the judge rules in Katie’s favour, there’s nothing stopping Katie and Thorne from having a beautiful wedding and family. “It was an amazing episode to film,” gushes Heather. “It’s only her closest family together celebrating true love. I honestly think Katie has never been so happy, and she knows she has now found her Prince Charming.”

Dress to thrill

Bold’s costume designer, Glenda Maddox, helped Katie to transform into a swan for her big day. Katie’s wedding look is a Catherine Deane bridal designer’s spaghetti strap bodice with scallop trim with an attached pearl and rhinestone belt and an ivory satin high-low circle skirt designed by bridal designers WToo by Watters. Her look cost around $1,500 (approximately R23,000). Thorne’s black 2-piece notch lapel wool suit is designed by Suit Supply with a price tag of $1,000 (approximately R15,000).

On the flip side

While Heather enjoys playing Katie, Bold also lets her indulge another love: directing. After splitting time in front of and behind the cameras, she joined the prestigious Directors Initiative Program at CBS thanks to a nudge from Bold’s headwriter and executive producer, Bradley Bell.

“I have directed more than 24 episodes for Bold thus far,” says Heather. She admits directing daytime is tough, but she loves it. “If you can direct daytime, you can do anything! I truly believe that. I challenge Steven Spielberg to come and do it. It’s a ton of pressure.”

Her passion

Besides directing, Heather also has a passion for home renovation. “It’s something I’ve always had since a child,” says the actress. “I always wanted to make things pretty.” She renovated a couple of her friends’ houses, and after she married musician James Achor in 2011, the two started a design business, Tight Rope Designs, in Los Angeles. “We both have a love for renovating homes,” says Heather.

Heather and James have even had their own renovation TV series, Renovation Unscripted, back in 2013. “Although I’m quite busy at the moment with filming and directing and renovating I won’t say no if another opportunity for a renovating TV series comes knocking at my door,” says Heather.

Will Spencer Jr

Heather could be starting her own acting dynasty, too. When Bill and Katie’s son, Will, was born, the baby actor was played by Heather and James’s real-life son, Zane Achor. Zane was on screen from 2013-2018 (2014-2019 in South Africa). “It was so much fun having him on set. I got to spend a lot of time with him, and as a mother, it was just amazing. It was just cool to take my son with me to work, and let him play in the soapie opposite his mom’s character. Don (Bill) was quite hands on with Zane. He’s just the best dad you can imagine,” says Heather.

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