Here’s the green light to watch these 5 shows for your weekly dose of reality

From the red carpet to living off the grid, we’ve got all the shows that tickle your fancy.


The E! People’s Choice Awards

Genre: Awards

The E! People’s Choice Awards, voted by the fans, will honour superstars across music, TV, movies and pop culture like never before. Before we get to the main event, take a look at all the glitz, glam, fashion faux pas and jaw-dropping looks from your favourite celebs straight from the red carpet. The awards will follow the red carpet action, and there’s no doubt the highlight of the night for African audiences will be getting to see Bonang being awarded “African Influencer of the Year”. Wake up early or stay up late – it all depends on how you see it – in the comfort of your bed with DStv Now, streaming all the entertainment at your convenience.

Live from The Red Carpet: The E! People’s Choice Awards at 02:20 followed by The E! People’s Choice Awards at 04:00 on Monday 11 November on E! Entertainment (124)


Take Me Out S11

Paddy McGuinness returns with this revamped dating show. Among those hoping for a date to the Isle of Fernando’s, are bodybuilding stripper James, farmer Berty and gymnast Raymond. The bachelor has to impress a panel of 30 women through a series of videos about him, and if the ladies approve, they give the green light and he proceeds to the next stage.

Saturday 9 November on ITV Choice (123) at 19:00


Where the Wild Men Are With Ben Fogle S7

Writer and broadcaster Ben Fogle travel to the most remote locations to meet with those who’ve left the city to live in seclusion. Most people are moving away from the hustle and constant bustle that comes with the urban lifestyle, and in his travel show, he shows us how those who’ve gone off the grid live – like the finance exec who quit his job and moved to the swamplands where access to his self-built cabin is by canoe only.

Friday 8 November on BBC Earth (184) at 19:00


Impractical Jokers Vol. 10

Brian 'Q' Quinn, James 'Murr' Murray, Joe Gatto and Sal Vulcano are four lifelong friends who take the dare game to a whole new level. They’ve always enjoyed challenging one another to pull off ridiculous pranks in public, like asking strangers to hold a random object for them, and never coming back to get it. In an episode this season, the friends work in an office where they shout odd names at each other.

Monday 11 November on Comedy Central (122) at 20:45


Inside the Factory S5

Presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey with historian Ruth Goodman, go inside a specific factory to show us how our favourite products are made. From the historical development of the item to the final product we purchase, the process is at times shocking and eye-opening.

Wednesday 13 November on BBC Earth (184) at 19:00