Home. The Best Place To Be.

DStv has you covered during South Africa’s nationwide lockdown.

When we were small, we used to ask “When’s home time?” 
As we got older, we’d ask, “Can we go home yet?” 
And, as we became adults, it became a case of 
“I can’t wait to get home.”

Now, in these unchartered and uncertain times, we have to stay at home. Not only because our president asked us to. Not only for our own protection. But for the safety of everyone who calls South Africa home.

And people of Mzansi, we got this.

We have each other. Our homes are filled with the curiosity of kids, the independent spirit of teenagers and the patience of our partners. We have people on the other end of a phone. 
And in a chat group. Call them. Message them. 
Chances are they can’t wait to hear from you.

We have time. Time to be the teachers to our children. 
The clowns and the cooks. Time to show our gees as we relive every nation-defining victory.  Time for family movies, and for rediscovering the movie buff in all of us.

We have all this, right here at home.

As everyone does their part to flatten the curve, we’ll be doing our part by bringing you the stories that not only define our time, but our humanity.

So please, stay home and stay safe.

To see a specially-curated range of content available on DStv to keep you company during this period, see below:

What is DStv Now?

It’s the online version of DStv. If you can’t be at home to watch your favourite shows via your decoder, visit now.dstv.com and watch DStv on your laptop, tablet or phone. It’s no extra cost to all DStv subscribers (just remember to keep an eye on your data).