How to download with DStv Now

Take a look at this step-by-step guide to find out how to download shows to your device using DStv Now.

Who can use DStv Now?

DStv Now is available to anyone with a DStv subscription. Using the DStv Now app, you’ll be able to watch the same Live channels and Catch Up as you do with your regular DStv subscription.

Why download movies and series with DStv Now?

If you’re not on WI-FI, it’s expensive to use your mobile data to watch live sports or your favourite shows. Find a Wi-Fi hotspot and download the DStv content you’d like to watch to your phone or tablet. It’s like having DStv in your pocket.

How to download using DStv Now

  1. If you haven’t already, go online and register for DStv Now.
  2. Next: download the DStv Now app to your smartphone or tablet. It’s available for Android or Apple devices.
  3. Open the app on your device, log in and go to Menu > Catch Up.
  4. Select the movies or series you’d like to download and tap the cloud-shaped download icon.
  5. When you download, choose between four download quality options: Highest, High, Medium and Low. You will be shown how much data and storage space you need, based on the option you choose. (If the icon has a cross through it, it means that show can’t be downloaded.)
  6. You can download up to 25 items to your device. This includes movies, sports highlights, documentaries, kids shows and episodes of your favourite series.
  7. To see what you’ve downloaded, go back to Menu > Downloads. You’ll also be able to see which downloads are still in progress.
  8. Check the expiry date of the item you are downloading. Some movies or episodes expire sooner, while others remain on the DStv Now playlist for quite some time.
  9. Once you hit ‘play’ you need to watch that movie or episode within 48 hours.

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Tips for downloading to your DStv Now app

  1. Make space on your phone or tablet by deleting old or duplicate photos, clearing old WhatsApp chats and uninstalling apps you haven’t used in a long time.
  2. Choose ‘Low’ when you download movies or episodes from DStv Now to your phone or tablet, that way it takes up less space on your device.

Get discounted video data bundles for DStv Now

Vodacom has a good deal on at the moment. Get 1GB of DStv Now data for R50. That’s up to 4 hours of binge-watching on the lowest quality setting. Dial *135# on a Vodacom phone and select ‘DStv Now’ from video bundles.