Mondays-Thursdays on 1Magic (DStv channel 103) at 19:30 
Mondays-Thursdays on 1Magic (DStv channel 103) at 19:30 

Inside Mpumi & Donald’s Lingashoni wedding

On the guest list: something hidden, something brewing, and something exposed – Siya and Lerato tell us all about all Mpumi and Donald’s explosive wedding, 21-22 June on Lingashoni on 1Magic (DStv 103), now showing on DStv

What’s a telenovela wedding without family drama, a runaway bride, and a jealous ex-lover, who is threatening to ruin the nuptials?

You are cordially invited to Mpumi Cele (Lerato Nxumalo) and Donald Nondumo’s (Siya Raymond Sepotokele) wedding ceremony in local telenovela Lingashoni, on Monday 21 June and Tuesday 22 June on 1Magic (DStv 103).

“It’s a wedding like no other. Although the ceremony is straight out of a romantic fairy-tale novel, the big question is: will there be a happy ending for Mpumi and Donald?” teases Lerato who, along with Siya, gave us a special insider’s sneak peek at all the details about Mpumi and Donald’s big day. Save the date because it’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions.

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Cold feet, cheats and a crasher?

As interior designer Mpumi’s wedding day draws near, she is anxious, sleep-deprived, and seemingly conflicted. This isn’t an ordinary case of cold-feet syndrome, though. Mpumi is guilt-ridden as she’s been having an affair with her stepbrother, Mohau (Jackson Molefe), in plain sight. What’s worse is that her loving husband-to-be Donald is completely oblivious to her betrayal. A part of Mpumi considers confessing her sins before reciting her vows in front of a crowd and a priest, but she’s afraid that Donald is going to call off the wedding.

In the end, Mpumi puts on a brave face to get married to Donald. “In Mpumi’s defence, cheating wasn’t part of the plan. It’s no excuse, but Donald hardly has time for her. He is always out working, so when Mohau showed interest, Mpumi fell head-over-heels. Mohau listens to Mpumi and for the first time in her life, she felt heard,” explains Lerato.

While Mpumi ends things with Mohau, he isn’t over their affair yet – and he contemplates stopping the wedding.

The great sacrifice

So why proceed with the wedding when Mpumi is uncertain? Well, Mpumi’s mother Puleng (Thuli Thabethe) had made it clear that Mpumi should get married to the wealthy and influential family… or else. “She wants to grant Puleng her wish. Tying the knot with Donald will help Mpumi’s family climb up the social ranks, which is what Puleng longs for: respect and power. So Mpumi is willing to put her family’s happiness ahead of hers,” reveals Lerato.

Headed for disaster?

On the day of the wedding, Donald is excited about finally getting married to Mpumi. It hasn’t slipped his attention that she’s been emotionally distant over the past few weeks. But it doesn’t cross his mind that Mpumi is in two minds about walking down the aisle, let alone that there’s another man in the picture. “Donald is a selfish man. I don’t think that he cares about Mpumi’s reservations. He is the type of person who throws money at every problem, which is why he springs the wedding date on Mpumi,” explains Siya. Donald is set on using the wedding to save the crumbling relationship.

Siya explains that while Donald loves Mpumi, his intentions to marry her are ultimately self-serving. “I believe that Donald wants a trophy wife, just like his mother Sarah (Zukisa Matola). He inadvertently follows in his father Robert’s (Luzuko Nkqeto) footsteps.” Over the years, Donald has witnessed his father neglect his mother emotionally and make up for the lost time by buying her an expensive bag or shoes. “That’s exactly how Donald acts when is with Mpumi. He wants a wife that he can flaunt around, which will cause plenty of problems in their marriage as Mpumi isn’t a kept wife,” Siya hints.

Did we mention family drama?

The premise of Lingashoni is that Mpumi’s entrepreneur father Mandla (Patrick Mofokeng) caught Puleng in bed with his protégé (Thato Molamu) years ago. In panic, Puleng shot Mandla in the stomach and he fell flat on the ground. Puleng and Papi were convinced that Mandla was dead, so they dragged his “corpse” into the boot of her car and planned to throw him over a bridge.

When they reached their destination, though, it turned out that Mandla was still alive. Papi was determined to finish the job and kill Mandla, but Mandla escaped (by jumping over the bridge). Puleng and Papi breathed a sigh of relief. They were sure that Mandla was indeed dead. But 10 years after his disappearance, Mandla returned home to Johannesburg. The even twistier part? He didn’t remember a thing about Papi and Puleng’s tryst or the pair trying to murder him. The bad part? Mandla has baggage: he has a new family in the Free State – and that family moves back with him to Johannesburg – in the same house as Puleng and their kids.

“If you’ve been following Lingashoni, you’ll realise that there’s tension between the Celes, leading up to the wedding,” says Lerato, whose character asked Papi to walk her down the aisle instead of her father, Mandla. Why? Because Papi raised Mpumi after Mandla vanished. “The Cele family might be whole again now that Mandla is back. Now, Mandla expects Papi to step back, retreat, and allow Mandla room to be the head of his household,” explains Lerato. But Papi isn’t on the same page as Mandla. He wants Mandla gone – and this time, for good.

Speak now… or else

The drama settles in and the Celes put their differences aside for the wedding. Mandla agrees for Papi to walk Mpumi down the aisle but there’s a problem: on the very day of the wedding, Mandla remembers the night of his disappearance. “We hear ‘stop this wedding’. And out of nowhere, Mandla drops a bombshell at the reception,” says Siya, adding Mandla’s grand gesture sets the wedding off. “Considering that Mpumi’s emotions are already running high, she runs off. It’s a mess,” adds Siya.

Lerato further explains that Mandla’s exposé will drive the drama going forward. “Just because Mandla remembers details, doesn’t mean he remembers everything. This wedding propels the storyline, which is exciting. We’ll see the Celes clash even more following the big day.”

Suitable gifts for this wedding? Bail money, rope, a gun… just the little things.

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