From Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 25 October on E! (DStv 124) from 06:50
From Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 25 October on E! (DStv 124) from 06:50

It’s a 7-day celebration of all things Kim K

Kim Kardashian is turning 40 on Wednesday, 21 October and E! is celebrating the reality star for an entire week

The year was 2007 and then-socialite Kim Kardashian was a 27-year-old celebrity stylist, who was trying to break into showbiz on her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! (DStv 124), which went on to become a pop culture phenomenon.

Other than her brief appearance on her childhood bestie Paris Hilton’s reality show The Simple Life, Kim was also known for rubbing shoulders with A-listers in Hollywood. She made headlines in the same year after her private sex-tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J Norwood was leaked online. With the success of KUWTK, Kim and her KarJenner (Kardashian-Jenner) clan have become household names. The sisters now run their own cosmetic and fashion companies as part of their empire. They have millions of followers on Instagram, and between her busy schedule, Kim is currently studying to become a lawyer. Talk about girl power!

S20 of KUWTK is set to end next year, and in the 14 years that it’s been on air, the KarJenners have filmed countless memories, especially the star of the show, Kim. She was married to former professional basketball player Kris Humphries in 2011, a marriage that lasted only 72 days. Soon after, Kim went on to tie the knot with musician and fashion designer Kanye West in Florence, Italy in 2014 and together, they share 4 kids: North (7), Saint (4), Chicago (3) and Psalm (1). From the pregnancies to the wedding anniversaries, these life events took place on KUWTK – and with Kim turning 40 on Wednesday, 21 October, fans can tune into her highlights throughout the years from Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 25 October on E! (DStv 124) from 06:50. Here are some memorable moments to look forward to:


You’re almost fired

In the pilot episode, Kim and her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe, were running their high-end boutique D-A-S-H in Los Angeles, with their mom Kris Jenner keeping a close eye on them. Despite being manager Kris’s only client at the time, Kim considered firing her momager because she wanted a “professional” who was going to prioritise her career. Kim went behind her mom’s back and met with managers and talent agents at the Jenner residence in S1 episode 2 (2007). When Kris learnt what her daughter was up to, she threw a fit and quit her job before Kim could fire her. It took Kim a lot of begging to convince Kris to take back the momager job.

In love with the bodyguard

Following Kim’s split from NFL player Reggie Bush in S5 (2010), she didn’t waste her time getting back into the dating scene. After Kris hired Australian hunk Shengo Dean as Kim’s bodyguard, Kim couldn’t resist him. She flirted with him, invited him to dinner and kissed him. Shengo and Kim were an official couple weeks later, but their romance didn’t last long, and she soon moved onto Kris Humphries.


Losing it!

While on a family vacation in beach paradise Bora Bora in S6 (2011), newly married Kris Humphries and Kim were playfully teasing each other like lovesick teenagers. He jokingly threw her into the ocean, which turned into a disaster! Kim landed on the side of her head, and when she regained her balance, she realised that one of her earrings worth US $75,000 (R1,2 million) was missing. She hysterically cried for what felt like an hour and walked around the villa yelling and weeping. When Kourtney caught onto the news about the missing earring, the older sister casually remarked, “There are people dying.” Basically, relax Kim, it’s not that serious. Fortunately for Kim, youngest sister Kylie Jenner found the earing floating around moments later.


The queen of pranks

As the self-proclaimed queen of pranks, Kim always keeps her family on edge. While heavily pregnant in S8 (2013), she outdid herself when she enlisted her partner-in-crime Kourtney’s help and pretended to feed their family cooked placenta. It was actually flat-cut beef brisket, but the way they overcooked it, you’d think it’s a human organ. You should’ve seen the looks on their stepfather, Bruce Jenner, and mom Kris’s faces when the sisters announced that they had been served a placenta platter. It was hilarious.


Stepping away from the spotlight

One of the most dramatic scenes on the reality show was in S13 (2017) when Kim revisited a traumatic incident during Paris Fashion Week. She was robbed at gunpoint and the gang stole more than $10 million (R160 million) in jewellery. Kim later reported in the same year, during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that the ordeal had changed her outlook on life. “I believe that was meant to happen to me. I’m a totally different person now. Things happen in your life to teach you lessons,” said a teary-eyed Kim, with her voice cracking. “I was being flashy, and I was definitely materialistic before. I just don’t care about that stuff anymore,” she added.

Sibling rivalry

The Kardashian sisters bicker all the time. In the past, their petty arguments are what made the bond stronger. But a confrontation between Kim and Kourtney turned physical in S18 (2020) after Kim accused Kourtney of having a poor work ethic. The comment didn’t rest well with Kourtney, and in a matter of seconds, Kourtney threw her water bottle at Kim and pushed her younger sister to the ground. What followed next was a nasty brawl between the sisters, swearing, kicking and slapping each other. After their fight was resolved, Kourtney decided to take a break from the reality show.


Watch Kim’s 40th Birthday Stunt, from Monday, 19 October to Sunday, 25 October on E! (DStv 124) from 06:50

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