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Perfectly timed as the US heads towards its presidential elections in November. This four-part documentary will bring new insights to what America lost in 2016 and what it stands to gain this year. It looks at the private and public life of Hillary Rodham Clinton as she rose to prominence in politics, dealing with her husband’s infidelity, and almost becoming the first female president in US history.

Thursday 6 August on M-Net (DStv 101) at 20:00

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Rouen to Hiroshima

A rare look at war-time heroes who will be forever haunted by their orders. From occupied France in 1942 to Hiroshima in 1945, we take a look at one pilot’s journey as a B-29 Bomber, who will be etched in history forever. As the leader of the first daylight bombing mission of Rouen, Paul Tibbet’s career had already exceeded his expectations. But just three years later, he would be given a top-secret mission over Japanese soil that would make him infamous.

Sunday 2 August on History Channel (DStv 186) at 20:15

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Equator’s Wild Secret

Take a quick jaunt around the world with this amazing six-part nature series that looks at life along the Equator. What is often just seen as an invisible, natural divider between the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere holds more secrets that wait to be discovered. More than half of the world’s species live along the Equator, making it a lush environment for documentary filmmakers to visit. You’ll want to make room on the PVR to watch this show over and over again.

Sunday 2 August on Nat Geo Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

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Cheetah: Beating The Odds

Come along on this entertaining journey with a cheetah who works hard to keep her young cubs safe in the treacherous terrain of the Serengeti. With a third of cubs surviving to adulthood, she has her job cut out for her. It’s a wild and beautiful ride as life takes its natural course.

Wednesday 5 August on Curiosity Stream (DStv 185) at 20:00

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Predator Bloodline

You’re in for a real treat with the extraordinary story of how the deadliest animals on the planet survive. This show features footage that was painstakingly taken over a three-year period to give a complete look at various predator’s fights for survival.

Monday 3 August on Nat Geo Wild (DStv 182) at 18:00

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