It’s gloves off in Survivor SA

Game-changer Geoffrey scrambled for support, but the puppet-master got played to become the second jury member in Survivor SA.

It was clear from Meryl’s exit that Geoffrey escaped being booted off by the skin of his teeth, and that his plans would have to be pretty well in place if he was going to survive another Tribal Council. But he found himself on the back foot after the unexpected early merge, and perhaps trusting the wrong people, which meant his number was up at the end of last week’s episode.

What has become clear is that Rob is holding all the cards. His cheeky cocked eyebrow directed at the camera over Geoffrey’s shoulder – while the two were discussing what Geoffrey thought was a solid alliance – delighted fans, promising many more deceptions and blindsides to come in this exciting season.

Fresh from Tribal Council, a devastated Geoffrey gives his take on how the voting went

We spoke to Geoff after episode 10 aired to catch up on his thoughts since that night and find out a bit more about what a castaway misses most during the Survivor experience.

What has life been like since your exit from the show? Have you Googled your name to see what people are saying on social media?

I have! Obviously, anyone would like to know what's being said about them (online), and I’ve always said there’s no such thing as bad publicity. I must be honest, I was actually pleasantly surprised. I was hoping for a bit of shade (laughs).

Have you been recognised by fans? Do people come up to you at all? 

I live in a very small town, and the local paper has been really good about “punting me”, if you could put it that way. So everybody in my small town knows exactly who I am. So I think I have gotten more of people gasping and gawking than some of the other contestants. Every time I leave my house I feel a little like I’m Britney Spears, about to shave my head! I still feel like a normal person, so this is very much out of my comfort zone. But I’m enjoying it. Everyone enjoys a little bit of attention.

How it all went down - Geoffrey talks about the early merge and its effects

What was the one TV show you did not look forward to missing on the island? 

I think my Survivor obsession maybe reached an all-time high, and I did miss out on a season of the American Survivor (Season 38 wrapped in May 2019). But I still haven’t watched it, because I’m a bit over it now … just a little bit (laughs). But apart from that, I actually just end up on the couch watching cartoons with my kids.

Is there one app that you would have given anything to have access to while on the island?

I must be honest, I really didn’t miss my phone as much as I expected to. I am quite dependent on it. I missed my actual phone, being able to call my kids. But don’t get me wrong, the minute I got home, I was obsessed again.

If you could have had unlimited access to one website while on the island, that might have given you an edge in the competition, which one would it be and why. 

Probably Facebook. That would kill a couple of birds with one stone. I’d be able to see how my family is doing, send my wife a sneaky inbox, and see what the other contestants are all about.

If you could have taken music to listen to, what would it have been?

Music is such a good mood-lifter. I’m a big fan of most music, but I like a little of the new country-style, like Mumford & Sons and Kings of Leon, something like that. If I could have had a nice Mumford & Sons CD with me, that would have been great.

What unexpected event was in store for you on your return?

Actually, very little happened in my absence – that was the biggest shock for me! Maybe I’m a little bit of a narcissist and I totally expected things to fall apart (laughs). I don’t even think my kids missed me that much, while I was pining for them.

So is it back to business as usual for you now, or are there some changes in store for you after Survivor?

I feel as if there are immense changes and personal growth that will be taking place. My entire perception and outlook on life has changed. I have been going through some growth over the past two years, losing some weight, running the Comrades, entering Survivor and I quit smoking … although I must say, I’ve been smoking again (laughs). I need to set myself some new goals, create a bucket list and tick off those items. I’ll definitely be setting some more unrealistic goals – and achieving them.

Reluctant juror number 2 might enjoy being on the jury after all!

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