It’s the end of the world as we know it

American Horror Story is bringing its vast timeline full circle, with more than a few familiar faces (and places) appearing as the smoke clears after a nuclear Armageddon.

Over seven gore-filled chapters, scare-fest American Horror Story has been making oblique references to events from its other seasons, hinting at a timeline that links its entire horror-verse with characters crossing over from its other instalments. But Apocalypse is being touted as the first official crossover season.

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Showrunner Ryan Murphy has revealed that Apocalypse will incorporate two of its most popular early seasons: the flagship Murder House, and Coven, the third in the anthology series.

Before looking at what we can expect, we revisit the events of Murder House and Coven. Take heed, though: fans who haven’t yet watched these seasons yet could encounter some spoilers if they continue reading.

Murder House

A cursed and haunted Los Angeles mansion is home to the unsuspecting Harmon family, whose gruesome fate is sealed before they even sign the deed of sale. Mom Vivien (Connie Britton) is assaulted by the macabre rubber-suited ghost of Tate Langdon (Evan Peters), whom she mistakes for her husband Ben (Dylan McDermott). Vivien falls pregnant as a result and gives birth to two babies, one stillborn and the other hinted at being the Antichrist by the medium Billie Dean Howard (Sara Paulson), hired by the Harmons’ disturbing neighbour Constance (fan favourite Jessica Lange). The surviving baby is taken in and raised by Constance, and the Harmons all end up dead, forced to haunt the mansion.


The storyline for the visually striking Coven is a bit more convoluted, centring around Miss Robichaux’s Academy for young witches in New Orleans, which is run by Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson). Having fallen on hard times, the academy is reduced to only four students.

Everyone is shocked at the return of Cordelia’s mother Fiona (Jessica Lange), supreme leader of the witches. Intent on securing immortality, Fiona first approaches voodoo priestess Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett), who refuses.

In retaliation, Fiona resurrects one of Laveau’s enemies, the murderous plantation owner Delphine LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) to aid her instead. The season ends with Fiona’s death as Cordelia assumes her role as Supreme.


Season eight opens with chaotic scenes on the streets of LA as terrified residents scatter for safety amid explosions that rock the city. A select few elite survivors (and Joan Collins!) are safely transferred by unseen powers to Outpost 3 – a supposed haven designed as a shelter in case of nuclear fallout.

As has become the norm for American Horror Story, the eventual series ends up being something quite different from what it apparently sets itself up to be, but it is safe to say that the witches and the Antichrist will be front and centre as the threat of the end of the world looms.

Described as a star-studded anthology that brings together a host of characters from the past, fans can look forward to many thrilling appearances, including Jessica Lange, and even Stevie Nicks’ White Witch. Whether Cordelia and her sister witches will be in opposition to – or in league with – the son of the Devil remains to be seen, but in true American Horror Story fashion, the events leading up to the end of times are bound to be delightfully gruesome and wonderfully shocking.

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