Jason Goliath on celebrity egos and knock-knock jokes

He reckons he’ll outshine his fellow captain Ayanda Thabethe and host Anele Mdoda on Celebrity Game Night.

He loves rum and coke and still believes in the power of knock-knock jokes as the best way to break the ice in any situation. Jason Goliath chats to us about Celebrity Game Night.

Of all the celebrities appearing on the show, who would you love to be stuck in an elevator with?

I would love to be stuck in a car with Glen Biderman-Pam. I was once stuck in a car with him driving from Durban to Queenstown and he read one of Michael McIntyre’s books to me the whole way and I’ve never been happier in my life. So, I feel with anybody else I’d get tired of them, but Glen will entertain and perform while stuck in that elevator.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Celebrity Game Night?

My favourite thing about being a team captain of a bunch of celebrities is that this will be the first time that South Africa gets to see me as my absolute self. I was so involved with the games and got so sucked into the show to the point where I forgot there were cameras. I feel like for every celebrity on the show, we live in this world of constant PR and we show the camera “our good side” and our fans get used to seeing that made-up persona. This programme will show you the truth, the fun side, the competitive spirit and all the rawness you don’t always see from your favourite idols.

Who would you say is more competitive: you and your fellow captain, Ayanda Thabethe?

You know what, I’m incredibly competitive by nature and Ayanda and I have that in common, but in different brands. My brand is loud and obnoxious and in-your-face, and hers is sneaky and devious and it buys its time and watches you celebrate while planning your defeat in the next round. I’m telling you, Ayanda is the one who’s likely to cheat. Without a doubt, that one would cheat and lie her way through and through. Trust me, I’m telling the truth.

What’s the one thing you’ve done in your career that you wish you could take back?

Oh, this is such a hard question because I’ve had such an amazing career. Even the downside of my journey has led me to where I am now. Imagine! Jason Goliath on Celebrity Game Night, jislaaik!

What would you do if you woke up as Anele Mdoda or Ayanda?

That’s easy because it’s going to be the same for both. The first thing I would do is wake up and spend all of my money because I think they’re much wealthier than I am. And once that is done, I’d spend the rest of the time looking at myself in the mirror.

Who was the last comedian to make you laugh out loud?

Dave Chappelle. That man is hilarious, and he had me in stitches.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, all day, every day.

Wine or beer?

Beer … oh, wait. None of the above, let’s make it rum and Coke. Now that’s my thing.

What would you say is the greatest achievement of your career?

There are so many great achievements that it would be unfair to pick one pivotal moment. What’s up with you and these hard questions, it’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. Seriously though, there’s so many I’m proud of, like performing in all the great parts of the world like Montreal and the US and my breakfast show on Kaya FM makes me beam with pride. I sometimes have to pinch myself on Celebrity Game Night – that I am here. I’ve been blessed and worked hard and man, it still feels like an out-of-body experience that I’ve been asked to be there and allowed that opportunity. It is the most polished and well-packaged production I’ve ever been part of. To pick one moment would feel like I’m being ungrateful and unappreciative of the journey I’ve had.

If you were stuck on a desert island with Anele and Ayanda, who would you eat first?

Hahaha, let’s just say it would depend on what day of the year it is and how hungry I am.

Why do you think South African viewers will love Celebrity Game Night; what makes it different from other game shows?

Think about your favourite South African game show with all your favourite people, and then add dollars and not rands. What I mean is that it’s authentically South African, but the value and level is up there and hello, Anele Mdoda is hosting. She’s unbelievably funny and Ayanda is a great sport.

There must have been a lot of celebrity egos in the room – how did you handle that?

I think the show was just beautifully thought through. The way you manage celebrity egos is to put them in teams with like-minded egos and the conflict immediately gives way to teamwork and comedy, and the drama and tension of the game. So those big egos came into play.

Who would win in a staring match between you, Anele and Ayanda?

Anele would beat all of us. I believe she’s from the future, I don’t think she even sleeps. That girl is a machine, her work ethic is out of this world.

Celebrity Game Night SA starts on Monday 28 October on E! (124) at 20:00

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